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In transit at Gardemoen I find time and pleasure to write about the last books I have been reading:

1.Marguerite Duras – L’Amante – very strange and almost embarassing that I had not read it before. I found it in paper version in my mother house, totally new, she must have get it with a newspaper. Written in 1984 by a woman born in 1914, a whoman who had traveld to Indocina by boat and lived 70 years of intense life, love, literature. The book is written in past, present form. It jumps from the 80’s to the 20’s, from Paris to Indocina. If my friend Laura had written it I would probably have corrected many things. This reminds me that we have just to read, admire, understand. No corrections please. YOU MUST READ IT.

2. Mazzantini – Not ti muovere. Totally unrealistic that  a father wants to tell such stories to his daughter even if only in his immagination. Anyway, pleasant reading, that I do not necessarely recomend.

3. Agnès Martin-Lugand – Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du café read in Italian not in French – it would take me a couple of years to read it in French. Impressed of the global success, I did have too high expectations and – sorry – I was a bit disappointed.

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