PhD & Postdoctoral Students & some master theses


  1. Opponent for Mariasole Bondioli, Universita’ di Pisa – 2020 – Developing Technological solutions to assist children with ASD with application to real life and diagnostic scenarios, supervisors Professors Susanna Pelagatti and Stefano Chessa
  2. Supervisor for PhD Farzana Quayyum – 2019 – now – theme Children, Security, Gamification
  3. Supervisor for ERCIM postdoc  Juan Carlos Torrado, 2019 – theme Technology, Mental Disabilities, Story Telling
  4. Supervisor for Leif E. Opland, theme Digital Innovation, 2018 – present
  5. Supervisor for Orges Cico, project IPIT, theme software engineering, 2018-present
  6. Member of the committee for Deepika Badampudi Supervisors: Professor Claes Wohlin, BTH, May 2018 – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  7. Co-supervisor for Justyna Szynkiewicz, main supervisor Line Kolås, theme IT education
  8. Supervisor for ERCIM postdoc Javier Gomez Escribano 2018 – theme Technology Enhanced Learning for Disability
  9. Co-supervisor for Madeleine Aurora Lorås, from 2017 with Trond Aalberg and Guttorm Sindre, theme Computing Education (present)
  10. Co-supervisor for Per Håkon Meland, from 2017 Main Supervisor Guttorm Sindre, theme Software Security (present)
  11. Co-supervisor for Katerina Mangaroska, from 2017 Main Supervisor Michail Giannakos project NFR Future Learning (present)
  12. Supervisor for Dr. Simone Mora – 2017 EU Horizon 2020 Socratic
  13. Member of the PhD judging committee for Mohamed Abbadi, University of Venezia, Casanova 2, supervisor prof. Agostino Cortesi 2016, theme COMPUTER GAMES
  14. Supervisor for Dr. Ilias Pappas – theme SOCIAL INNOVATION from 2016 (present)
    1. ERCIM 2016  with M. Giannakos –
    2. project EU Horizon 2020 Socratic 2017
    3. project EU Initiate
  15. Member (Opponent) of the PhD Judging committee for Raffaello Brondi, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy November 2015 Supervisor Marcello Carrozzino – theme TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING
  16. co-Supervisor for Sofia Papavlasopoulou 2015-2019 – theme CREATIVITY with M. Giannakos
  17. Co-supervisor for Kristoffer Hagen (first supervisor Alf Inge Wang) 2015 – theme ENTERTAINMENT COMPUTING (exergames) (present)
  18. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Nauman bin Ali Supervisors: Professor Claes Wohlin (principal supervisor) and Dr. Kai Petersen (associate professor), BTH, June 2015 – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  19. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Naoe Tatara Department of Computer Science Faculty of Science and Technology UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Studying usage and experiences of mHealth technology for its improved usability- theme TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION defended 2013
  20. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee – Opponent and administrator for Wendy Mansilla supervisor Professor Andrew Perkis – theme ART defended 2013
  21. Supervisor for  ERCIM Dr. Michail Giannakos 2012-2013 – theme CREATIVITY
  22. Co-supervisor for  Mohsen Anvari, with Reidar Conradi and Alf Inge Wang, expected finish 2015 – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING defended 2015
  23. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee – Opponent and administrator for Vigdis Heimly, supervisor Professor Eric Monteiro, opponents Professors Christian Nøhr and Gunnar Hartvigsen – theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS – defended 2012
  24. Co-supervisor for Guo Hong, with Hallvard Trætteberg and Alf Inge Wang – theme ENTERTAINMENT COMPUTING – defended 2015
  25. Co-supervisor for Ioannis Leftheriotis, first supervisor Konstantinos Chorianopoulos – theme INTERACTION DESIGN –
  26. Member of the PhD judging committee – Opponent and administrator for Ole Andreas Alsos, Mobile Point-of-Care Systems in Hospitals: Designing for the Doctor-Patient Dialogue,  theme INTERACTION DESIGN defended November 2011
  27. Supervisor for  ERCIM Dr. Jose Danado 2010-2011 – theme ART
  28. Co-supervisor for Gasparas Jarulaitis 2006-2011, first supervisor Eric Monteiro – theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS – defended 2011
  29. Main supervisor for Salah Uddin Ahmed 2006 – 2011, with Guttorm Sindre and Kristin Bergaust – theme ART defended 2011 pdf
  30. Supervisor for  ERCIM Dr. Anna Trifonova 2007-2008 – theme ART
  31. Member of the PhD judging committee – Opponent and administrator for Birgit R. Krogstie,  main supervisor Monica Divitini – theme TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING defended 2010
  32. Main supervisor for Østerlie, Thomas, empirical software engineering and open source software,  with Reidar Conradi and Eric Monteiro theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING defended 2009
  33. Co- supervisor for Zhou, Jianyun, Web-based system development, theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING  defended 2006
  34. Co-Supervisor for Hauge, Øyvind, Knowledge Management for SPI, theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING defended 2010
  35. Member of the PhD judging committee (Opponent) for Juma Hemed Lungo, University of Oslo,  theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS defended December 2009
  36. Administrator (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Yun Lin, at NTNU April 2008 – theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS
  37. Co- supervisor for Houmb, Siv Hilde, Software Safety Modeling, from 2002 to 2007 – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  38. Administrator (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Jennifer Sampson, at NTNU March 2007 –  theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS
  39. Co-supervisor for Li, Jingyue, Components Off The Shelf Based Development, co-supervisor 2002-2006 theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  40. Administrator (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Erlend Stav, at NTNU 2006
  41. Administrator (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Darijus Strasunskas, at NTNU 2006 theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS
  42. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Raimundas Matulevicius, at NTNU 2005 theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS
  43. Administrator (Opponent) of the PhD judging commitee for Ekaterina Prasolova-Forland, at NTNU 2004 theme TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING
  44. Co-Supervisor of PhD Mohagheghi Parastoo, from 2001 to 2004 theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  45. Co-Supervisor and member of the PhD judging committee for Becker-Kornstadt, Ulrike, supervisor Rombach, Prof. Dr. Dieter, Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern, 2004 – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  46. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Sobah Abbas Petersen, at NTNU 2003 – theme INFORMATION SYSTEMS
  47. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Josep M. Ribo, Ph.D. program in Software of the Technical University of Catalunya, 2002, Barcelona, Spain – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  48. Member (Opponent) of the PhD judging committee for Dr. Sigurd Thunem, NTNU 1997 – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
  49. Co-supervisor of PhD Lago, Patricia, Politecnico di Torino, 1993-1997, with Silvano Gai – theme SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
      • Supervisors of master students at NTNU from 1997 to now
      • Supervisor of master students at Polito from 1993 to 1997 (Mario Baldi, Rosa Meo, Tatiana Rizzante, Alessandro Bonaudo, Ciro Pagliara, …)

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