Master students

Some of the best master theses I have supervised (see as example – all credit to the students)

Exploring Empirical Engineering  Approaches in Startup Companies: The Trilateral Hardware Startup Model Vebjørn Berg Jørgen Birkeland (2018 – this is a classical software engineering thesis)

Designing Mobile Software to Prevent Child Marriage, Jostein Brevik (2019 – this is a thesis about gender equality and social innovation)

Project and Master theses 2021-2022

See descriptions in NTNU’s system

See also Module TDT10 Gender and diversity in software development

Autumn Projects 2020

Freemium Games For Children: A Systematic Literature Review, Anna K. Roarsen and Andreas K. Melzer, December 2020, TDT4501 Computer Science, Specialization Project

Software for ADHD,  Betina Pedersen Bye, December 2020, TDT4501 Computer Science, Specialization Project

Master  theses 2019

Master Projects 2018

masteroppgave (Datateknologi 30 ECTS)

Jie-masteroppgave (Informatikk 60 ECTS)

masteroppgave-Berg-Birkeland (Datateknologi 30 ECTS)

Mimi-masteroppgave (Informatikk 60 ECTS)

Sindre-masteroppgave (Informatikk 60 ECTS)

Autumn Projects 2017 


Designing an effective exergame with lasting entertainment value (002)

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