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#keynote at NIKT and ICSOB

This week I will be keynote speaker at:

  1. NIKT (Tuesday 30/11) The Norwegian Annual ICT Conference SLIDES
  2. ICSOB 12th International Conference on Software Business (Thursday 2/12)

I am very happy and proud that friends and colleagues want to invite me and listen to my ideas, experiences, plans.

I gave my first keynote in XI SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO SOBRE FATORES HUMANOS EM SISTEMAS COMPUTACIONAIS in 2012. I was 47 years old. I hope I will do a good job. I hope to inspire other people that there are different paths to success in academia, and it is never to late to accelerate or slow down, and accelerate again.

@MarieKondo @eugain19122 #leardership #genderequality

after one week of work, interesting discussions, moments of joy and moments of confusion, I am more and more convinced that now it is time for me to delete items from todo list and worries from my heart.

I have been eliminating items from office space and home for decades, that is why the reference to Marie Kondo. Now it is time to eliminate items from the busy life.

the goal is to see clearly, to empower the resources I have around me, both persons and funds for the benefit of the microscopic changes I can do toward equality, equity, balance, diversity, inclusion – yes we have to simplify the vocabulary as well. together we can see more clear and do bigger.

#openscience @informatics_eu #ECSS_2021 @ArthurLupia @nsf

questions raised by Arthur Lupia – about equity and equality

who is access to data? who has access to scientific results? how can we increase the availability?

FAIR findability – accessibility – interoperability – reusability

what I learn by listening to the panel with Roberto di Cosmo, INRIA, Ernestina Menasalvas, Technical University of Madrid, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Politecnico di Milano, Yves Deville, UC Louvain that we should make young researchers aware of

open science: 1) openaccess, 2) opendata, 3) opensource

green open access means putting your preprint on a public repository like – you need to find an archive (“researchergate is not a proper research infrastructure” Roberto Di Cosimo)

and that we should not loose data, but archive data

See NTNU’s policies

I/we have a lot of work to do to create awareness and to learn

#podcast #childmarriage #app #masterthesis

A wonderful example of a Master thesis that comes out of NTNU

Brevik, J., Jaccheri, L., & Vidal, J. C. T. (2019, June). Designing software to prevent child marriage globally. In Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Interaction Design and Children (pp. 452-457).

BREVIK, Jostein. Designing Mobile Software to Prevent Child Marriage. 2019. Master’s Thesis. NTNU.

We will have many more like this in our group Software for a better society

software for a better society

something I had never done, to build a research group. as I have been busy trying to help other researchers, older or younger ones, or lead a whole department or writing successful and not successful applications, as I did not have the confidence or the ability, we do not know. in any cases, now I try with this wonderful group of people. if you want to give feedback, or cooperate, we are here.


Good podcast in norwegian

I will explain why I think it is good

The doctor has originally developed this method to help drug addicted. In any cases, it is based on the assumptions that people need to talk about what they want to do rather than being told about what they should do. Not only as doctors (or supervisors, or parents, or friends) we should not tell what to do but we should not ask questions that lead into a particular path either.

We – as listeners – we should rather provide reflections about what we have heard and invite the person who is seeking for a solution to speak more.

Personally I talk too much about my own life and experiences. And it can be negative, on the other hand I seldom tell to people what to do. By talking about my experience, it is somehow a reflection about the experience of the other person.