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Educational Pedagogies & Technologies for Sustainable Development (EPTS 2022) – Translating Sustainable Innovation for Communities

I am happy to be a speaker at this conference

The advantage of pandemic is that we are able to speak to more people. The disadvantage that I feel a bit lost and I struggle to connect to the other speakers.

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io ci spero

quando sono nata io il presidente era Saragat, o Zaragatte come sentivo dire in Toscana. Quando son nata io, in Svizzera le donne non potevano votare, in Italia non potevano diventare vigili urbani, ne’ poliziotte. Non c’era il divorzio, l’aborto era clandestino. Io leggevo, Oriana Fallaci scriveva Lettera a un bambino mai nato. Leggendo ho iniziato a sperare e a sognare. Volevo essere come Oriana Fallaci che viaggiava per il mondo a intervistare le persone famose. Un po’ mi confondevo, certo, perche’ leggendo le parole di Oriana, o piu’ tardi di Simon de Beauvoir, che e’ antecedente a Oriana ma che io ho letto dopo, pensavo che il mondo fosse gia’ cambiato. Ma il mondo e’ cambiato piu’ lentamento ma e’ cambiato. Negli anni 80 in Norvegia e’ salita al potere, Gro Harlem Brundtland, una grande leader e innovatrice sociale (le idee dello sviluppo sostenibile sono nate anche grazie a lei) e poi Angela Merkel che per anni ha guidato un paese combinando scienza e politica. In Finlandia Sanna Manin, ci ricorda che e’ possibile.

Ecco lo sapete? Io ci spero, che i discorsi su Berlusconi presidente della Repubblica li portera’ via il vento e che l’Italia avra’ una nuova presidentessa o un presidente piu’ giovane di idee, piu colta, piu’ diverso, piu’ inclusiva che faccia vedere al mondo che l’Italia spera. Io ci spero.

Interview 15 years later
15 years ago I was interviewed by Anne Lise Aakervik for a magazine that was produced by TTO. That interview gave me the possibility to spread my ideas and to receive feedback from other people than computer scientists. Of course each time you share about yourself, somebody will think you are silly, or exhibitionist or especially if you have a formal role as a professor that you are not serious. It is part of our path in life to learn to accept what people think and say about us.

15 years later I still think that this interview was an amazing experience.
.ps I am so lucky that I do not care about becoming old, yes I was younger and now I am uglier now, but again I do not care.
.pps I still want to work with #tech#work#people#art and #innovation – Mara DiaconuAnders Aune


Dear all mentees in the IDUN project

This morning I felt I wanted to send you a hope message.

For the time being I am working a lot with the COST action EUGAIN and trying to supervise PhD and master students in the Software For A Better Society group.

We work with the bid to bring ACM Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourage to Trondheim in 2023.

Otherwise I try to do all the other duties in a decent way and find time to read and exercise and I listen to the podcast which in fact gives me hope that it is possible to combine science with empathy and hope.

Have an happy week and we will meet soon! Letizia

.ps if you do not want to receive these messages just let me know, it will be ok. If you want to give me feedback/advice about the IDUN or other issues, you can book a coffee meeting with me, you see my calendar, I will find time to listen to smart people 😊

Presentations in 2021 @ntnu @DION_NTNU @elenacuoco @polito @Ivica_Crnkovic @unupi

While preparing my first presentation in 2022, I count that in 2021 I gave the following presentations (13)

March PhD Day NTNU

March DION – TEKNA (video)

March for COST Action g2net (action chair Elena Cuoco)

March Politecnico di Torino (see slides below)

June Nordic Edge

September WASP DIG Workshop

October StartupMigrants

November 1) NAV, 2) NIKT (slides)

December 1) ICSOB; 2) Universita’ di Pisa 3) Nepal (see below) 4) India (iSES 2021)

Some material below:

2021 dikt poesia poem

Jeg lærte
å spørre deg
hva vil du
til hva du vil
i stedet for
å spørre deg
hva har du gjort
så langt
eller enda verre
fortelle deg
du må gjøre dette
Ho imparato
a  chiederti
cosa vuoi
e poi
cosa vuoi
che chiederti
cosa hai fatto
o ancora peggio
devi fare cosi’
I learned to
ask you
what do you want
to do
and then
to what you want
instead of
asking you
what have you done
so far
or even worse
tell you
you have to do this