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Now I have a podcast. It will be like this blog, about life and work, in English and Italian. My goal is not to be famous nor rich (I am already more rich than I had planned to be), my goal is to share.

It is available on spotify, google podcast, breaker, radio podcast. And I am looking for people who want to podcast with me. I have already Laura Giarre’ of course! The podcast is called Quante Parole, “So many words”.

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Dear #Researcher, I participate to NxtMedia conference and I think you should join me – why?


  • If you are an IDI employee, you can register for free here.
  • If  you are an  NTNU employee, you should convince your department head or project head that it is worth to pay for your subscription and your time.


NxtMedia brings together  for one day, technology entrepeneurs with media actors, such  the Norwegian TV broadcaster NRK, the main Norwegian newspapers, International researchers. If we  understand how the media sector evolves, we will know how to communicate our ideas to the world. Dear researcher, you  (and I) have a responsibility to influence  media experts so they choose the best technology that can enable democracy and prevent spreadning of false and negative messages. Dear researcher, you  will understand better how the media sector is exploiting evailable data sources and  new technology such as Blockchain and Machine Learning to imagine and develop the media of the future.

If you come to NxtMedia you will meet journalists, other International researchers, entrepeneurs. Some talks are given in Norwegian, some in English. It will be possible for the not Norwegian speaking to attend talks and participate to the discussions.

Not least the conference will happen in the amazing Rockheim.

Check for example Eveline Klumper, gruender from the Nederland who will explain how the media sector looks at Blockchain. Check Morten JacobsenResponsible for Schibsted Media’s technology brands like Aftonbladet, VG, Aftenposten, Svenska Dagbladet, BT,Stavanger Aftenblad and Fædrelandsvennen.  And the NRK research director Kristian Tolonen. Check also Martha Stone, world leading data and AI media organizer and researcher, former research fellow of Reuter’s Institute at Oxford – she will bring the take aways from London AI Study Tour and Conference last week to Trondheim.

See you the 15th of November at Rockheim!


Becoming Myself #Yalom

Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir by Irvin D. Yalom
A special book for a special travel. I read it on my mobile phone on the flight from Dubai to Stockolm as my kindle had died in Pakistan after a glorious life of 5 years.
The book reminds me that I have to remind me and other people about the importance of having a network of people around us, not because you will need these people in the future (as somebody interprets the concept of network), but because we need them now, and they need us.
The book refers to many beautiful books, it is about empathy, family, therapy, research, interdisciplinarity, love, emigration, the relationship to your parents. I read it in Italian. I strongly recomend it.

Arrivederci #Pakistan

Seldom in my life, I felt so useful and I received so many attentions. I am grateful to everybody and positively surprised by the intelligence and motivation of the Pakistan colleagues, expecially the female students and young teachers. I sit now a Dubai airport, with tears in my eyes and tatoos on my hands.

links I want to note down (to be continued)

Presentation for INTAP conference #socialinnovation #software #art

I am here in Bahawalpur, very happy to be giving this presentation

Hope to see you in Trondheim at:

The 18th IFIP Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e-Society  18-20 September 2019