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40 years old Esther Duflo gets Nobel prize in economics. She works on poverty and gender issues in economics. This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who has been recently descouraged to work with gender issues, as “her career can be ruined if she chooses to work with gender”. Let us follow the examples we want to follow and do what we feel is right.

.ps Today another brilliant friend showed me the ERCIM member representation, we have a lot of work to do.

Oriana Fallaci #book

I do not blog so much about books in the last weeks but I keep on reading. I just listened Letter to a Child Never Born. I had read the book 40 years ago. I remembered everything, but, it was a totally different experience this time, while riding a bus along the Norwegian fjords.
First the book is read by Oriana her self, her voice so similar to the voice of my grand mother, the accent of an educated woman born in Tuscany at the beginning of the last century. I could hear that Oriana had smoked more sigarettes. Oriana has been one of my role models, but reading the book I understod that something is too strong, like I do not believe they showed her the died baby in a glass, and even as a literary step, it was not necessary. Something that makes me reflect this time is that Oriana writes and says clearly to the never born child, that evil people always win. I had not read these words when I had read the book first time, I had not understood this fact before the recent weeks. Still I want to go ahead and believe that good people win. Thanks Oriana, even you have done your mistakes and written something we do not agree with, you are still a role model! And you still live.