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Interview digital education (in Norwegian) I was interviewed (2 minutes) about my experience with digital education (in Norwegian with an accent) – the message is about all I believe in my work, very simple, that research and education should go hand in hand, that Experts in Team is important, that the university should be more connected to the world (universe) than to local issues

my wishes for 2021

I made this picture for the background of my zoom. It is my wish for 2021, I wish attention, I wish to give attention and to get. I have been lucky in the pandemic. With a big apartment, good health, work and salary, I cannot complain. I cannot complain but I have cried my tears when I sit in meetings, I try to communicate, sometimes, I try to communicate the work of my years, and on the other side, the person switches the camera off. And then when the person starts to talk again, it is clear the person has not listened. I have done it as well. Sometimes, a message that pops up takes my attention from the person who speaks. For this I apologize, first to my self. I promise I will listen, I promise I will remind at the beginning of each lecture and meeting, pay attention and you will get attention. Without attention, not even plants grow. Happy new year.
.ps just reuse my background if you like it. .pps how do I mirror the background picture in Teams? I do not manage

IDUN Mentee and mentor event @IDUN_phd_to_prof @ntnu

Today I am happy to welcome the participants to the IDUN mentee program. Did you know that at the STEM (IE) faculty of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway (!) only 14% of the professors were women in 2019? Do you know that some departments still struggle to get female in their committees? Do you know that the Computer Science department has 50% female PhD students? Follow us on instagram, linkedin, facebook, twitter @IDUN_phd_to_prof – and welcome to all participants in the next two days.

.ps remember not to fall in the temptation to look at your emails during meetings. Look at the people as you were in the same room and listen to them as they were the smartest ones, it is the key to become smart.

10 years, 979 posts

After 10 years and 979 posts, and years of blogging on splinder (since 2004), I take a break from blog posts so I can hopefully do something new.

Thanks for now. Have a nice summer everybody, I wish we stay away from the virtual as much as we can.

This was my first post on wordpress

The posts were 979, but I have now started a process to remove those which have not values and sort the other ones into 1. books 2. gender 3. other. let’s see.