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books A Room of One’s Own

after trying some books and audio books I did not like or did not manage (Io e te – Ammanniti; Divorare il Cielo – Paolo Giordano; Homo Deus, Homo Sapiens – Harari) I tried for third time in my life to read A Room of One’s Own and this time I love it. Everything is there, a 100 years old book so modern about creativity, gender, research, money.

Svegliatevi donne Italiane @qn_lanazione #ventennio


Sul quotidiano La Nazione pagina dedicata alle donne con tanto di articolo a tutta pagina sulla principessa Charlotte di Monaco e i suoi gemellini. Siamo nel 2020 non nel 1920. Sono contenta di aver letto la Nazione stamani, bisogna informarci su cosa legge la gente, sembra scritto durante il ventennio. Donne e uomini, viaggiate, imparate l’inglese imparate come va il mondo e cosa scrivono i giornali internazionali.

On the Italian Newspaper la Nazione, one page is dedicated to women with half page about the princess Charlotte of Monaco and her sweat twins. WE live in 2020 not 1920. I am happy to have read this newspaper this morning, learning experience to see what people read, it seems written during the twenty years of fascism. Women and men, travel, learn English, learn how the world goes and what international newspapers write.

Tobias @Tsinghua

Some news from our IPIT students in China

I am
currently studying abroad at Tsinghua University 清华大学 in Beijing 北京. One month has passed since I
arrived here, yet it feels like I have been here for a year already. As a
student here in China there are new impressions waiting for you at every corner
and every activity you find yourself doing. From simply purchasing a bottle of
water in the grocery store by using your phone, or asking for directions by
pointing and waving, to navigating the user interface of a public transport
application purely in Chinese because there is no English option. You are
forced to learn every day, and it really changes the perception of time. The
month here feels like a year, and it is a lot of fun. If you are considering to
go abroad to a foreign country, don’t. Just decide to go right now and
experience the thrilling unknown! You…

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#IDUN #advice #scientific reciprocal uplifting

I feel uplifted when someone asks me for advice or simply share her challenges. Not because I like people to be in trouble and confused. No, I do not like it. Not because I think I can solve other people’s problems. No, I cannot solve the problems of anyone. But because, if I try to lift other people up, I also feel uplifted. And I have a reason to wear my magical white wool coat, I cannot feel down when I’m wearing it.
Now we also have the IDUN project. Professor Vivian Lagesen told in our board meeting yesterday about their Balance project, the best of the project was having the project. It has taken me 24 hours to understand. Yes, the best of IDUN will be to have the project and use it as a tool for scientific reciprocal uplifting.

Selfie taken in Torino in 2018