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#Hesthagen #Høyskoleparken #NTNU

I disagree with the plans of building in Hesthagen and in the park. I share the ambitions goals of attracting talents and companies to NTNU, I have been working for this goal for many years and I do not intend to give up. However, we can achieve ambitious goals in other ways than building. My professor Reidar Conradi used to say “the industry is our lab”. I say “the world is our lab”. We do not need to build in order to study, change, experiment. However I respect democracy and I respect and admire Monica R. and the rest of the NTNU leadership. So let us do the best out of the decisions that have been taken and let us struggle for our ideas.

.ps I do not want cars in Hesthagen and I want Elgeseter gaten under the ground. Is this so difficult? In Torino we have had streets under ground for decades, and in Tromsø as well.


#25april #1989 #Potteelefanten #nth #30 #years in #Norway

25. April 1989 for første gang i Norge. Flybilletten koster en million og firehundretusen lire. Reisen består av 4 flyreiser og 5 flyplasser: Pisa, Milano, Copenhagen, Oslo Fornebu, Trondheim. Jeg har ikke engang et bilde av de seks dagene men jeg kan rekonstruere det meste ved hjelp av min hukommelse og min dagbok. Even Andre’ med skinnende lær slippers som roper Letizia når jeg kommer inn i Elektro, Reidar Conradi i en stripet blå skjorte, guttene som programmerer for kundestyrt prosjektet når jeg kommer onsdag morgen til Gløshaugen, kledd som en italiener i 80-tallet, med en blomstret skjorte, miniskjørt, øyne med mascara. Jeg elsker Elektro fra første stund.
Jeg forstår lite engelsk og de norske bokstaver  æ ø å virker rare. Men følgende søndag er jeg i Estenstamarka og går uten maskare. Jeg sover på sofa i Erling Skakkes Gate under et skjelett, jeg eier en oransje bok for å lære norsk og jeg øver med aksent i “bønder” og “bønner”. På søndagsmiddag Guttorm lager meksikanske gryten, den kulinariske revolusjonen har ikke startet, gjenstene er Andreas Oppdahl og Torulf Møllestad. Jeg leser Knulp av Herman Hesse på italiensk. Et av mine første ord på norsk er Potteelefanten.


#ipitchina #sightseeing

today we visited the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace. The latter has an area of 297 ha (2.970.000 m² ) . Think that Versailles has an area of 67.000 m² – everything here is 100 times more. My pictures are not so spectacular but my colleagues have taken amazing picts. Tomorrow is the last day then we fligh back. The guide was excellent, she explained everything about the different dinasties, the wars, even Marco Polo. Yes, think he came here from Italy in 1200. And she explained that a 80 m² apartment 20 Km from the center costs 800.000 Euro. China is very different from how the people in Europe think it is.



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Today we left our wonderdul hotel in Nanjing and we took the fast train to Beijing. Beijing is one of the oldest cities in the world (3000 years). Today we were in one of the largest squares in the world, Tiananmen Square. I had so much fun, I found very funny that the Chinese guide presents herself as Ms. Cool. I have told to the students that when I am back to Trondheim I will change my name to Professor Mary Cool, since so many people mispells Letizia Jaccheri during so many years.
Now we live near Tsinghua campus. We have already met professor Xiaoying Bai and one of her students and one administrative leader of the university. We have also met master student Eirik Lund.




#ipitchina #Nanjing #Huawei

today it was even better, see the detail of our program is here. the temperature dropped from 30 C to 10 C and it was almost storm, but we did not care. The day started with a good breakfast. I do not even look at the bread, ham, cheese. Soup, and vegetables and everything eaten with the sticks from breakfast to dinner. Then we went to a startup (100 employees) and then to the research center of Huawei (10000 employees). After that we visited the old town and then dinner with the students. They invited us to eat dinner with them. Now the students and the young researchers are in the bar. I sit here and do some work (only the emails that I really have to process) and I think that the world is amazing and that I want to come back here in Spring 2020. There are two mistakes: the first 2 pictures were taken in Shanghai 2 days ago. The second mistake you should find yourself.

#ipitchina Nanjing University

Amazing day, great hospitality, presentations, and very green (!) campus  at Nanjing University. I was moved when I saw all the students sitting there, with student Nora Tomas, our first NTNU master student to Nanjing, former student and assistant in Customer Driven Project we could not look at each other in danger to cry, but then we laugh at usual.