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Getting older is a tabu, expecially for women, expecially for Italian women. You never see a woman with grey hair in Italian TV, unless it an old lady in a movie. I went for a lunch alone in the main cantine of the university and instead of thinking of the many work challenges, I was thinking that sometimes I went for a lunch alone 30 years ago when I was an exchange student, in the same cantine of the same university. At that time the cantine was quite dark, the students were almost all blond and white, they were playing cards and smoking sigarettes and had a light in their eyes while discussing lively.
Today most of the students were quite dark, a lot of Italian people, Chinese, other nationalities, some few blond ones. The cantine is painted light blue. It is a priviledge to get older. It is a proviledge to get older in a cantine full of students from all the world who have the same lively light in their eyes.

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This is a podcast with Silvja Seres and me. There is a small mistake in the text as the name of Daniela Soares Cruzes is written instead of me. I take it as a compliment to be confused with young, smart Daniela. In any case, hope you enjoy it. I enjoy very much all the LØRN podcasts.

@patricia_lago I understood about software and sustainability when I was at your professor lecture, so thanks and all credit to you

Welcome to IDUN Information Breakfast! Check NTNU – Innsida for registration


Welcome to IDUN Information Breakfast! Check NTNU – Innsida for registration
Fakultet for informasjonsteknologi og elektroteknikk

“IDUN- from PhD to Professor” invites IDUN participants and all who is interested in the project development to the Information Breakfast.

When: Friday, 28 February, 8:00 – 9:00 CET
Where: Room 454, IT building, Gløshaugen, Trondheim
Participants from Ålesund and Gjøvik are welcome to join via Skype. You will find the registration link on NTNU innsida.

Gør Verden Smukkere

I found this book at the bookstore at Copenhagen airport, in the old days when I did not have a kindle and sometimes I was so desperate to read a book that I bought books in Danish or even in Portughese when I did not have books in languages I understand better. These were the lucky days of being open to new things. That small book and the two Gør Verden Smukkere 2 and 3 that I ordered later, changed my life. These small books changed my life because the stories in the book bring awareness to patterns we have inside us. For example the princess who has been criticized by her mother, will have a tendence to criticize her self and all people around her. These are cartoon about different roles, how they interact with each other, and how they evolve. My own Tappetina is somehow inspired by these books. The books address quite complex psychological concepts in a light way.

On my copy of the first book I wrote 18.02.2010. It was many years ago, but we already had facebook. I contacted the author and we are still in contact. He is going to release book 4 now and guess if I am looking forward. I read again my own notes “Copenhagen airport 18.02.2010, jeg har alltid behov til å tenke over eksistensielle spørsmål, ikke tørst, sulten osv. Jeg har det bra, jeg har ikke behov til å tenke på fortiden. Jeg har behov til å være kreativ. Thanks again Per Leth-Nissen for 3 intelligent and creative books. I really look forward to the new one.

Storia del nuovo cognome.  Historia om det nye namnet. #RAI #RAIPLAY

Storia del nuovo cognome.  Historia om det nye namnet. Rai is showing the second series. I like it very much and I cannot wait that Elena will move to Pisa. If you want to see it on RAI you need the VPN. It will be there only for 4 days. I like it very much, I can see in my mind the pictures of Italy in the 60’s. And it makes me remember why I always want to study and go ahead.

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Silvija Seres


Long time since I wrote a post in this diary open style. Yesterday I started the day with a couple of meetings, both canceled, one canceled after one minute as the female colleague I was talking to, was called by the school that she had to pick up the daughter. The main meeting was the presentation of a new project initiative about software engineering. The presentation was for an internal committee at the faculty. The feedback was polite, yes, but I perceived it as so negative that I had to fight against tears. I wonder how constructive it is to let a professor from a totally different field to judge my work and my ideas developed through 30 years. I would never dare to give feedback to a professor even in Database or AI, being Database and AI Computer Science subfield as well. Anyway. Then I went to SINTEF to meet Silvija Seres who should interview me for her podcast. I have followed Silvija for some years and I find her intelligent, brave, beautiful. Face to face she is even better. I had not even combed my hair nor looked my self in the mirror, I can only imagine how I will look like in the pictures. The conversation with Silvija gave me a lot. I told that I regret I have been too open and shared too much, she says that if you are open, the openess protects you. We talked about software, art, social innovation. She told me that one of the other women who was interviewed told that the merit of having many women at IDI is Reidar Conradi’s merit. I am happy for this. I also think that it is unfair that women do not recognize other women, as Monica, Anne, Pauline, I have been there for 20 years and the young women who are at IDI now never met Reidar, so it is strange that women prefer to recognize men than other women. When I left Silvija, I told her “I am motivated” and I am, I should have payed her for the boost I get from the conversation. I hope the negative feedback I get from the previous meeting also help me in the long term.
Yesterday we also get a rejection to a Marie Curie IF application, the science part get 4,2 out of 5, but still rejection.
The day ended for me with a dinner with my girl friends, not common activity for me, very nice very sincere evening. Not least, biking between Ila, Gløs, Strindveien, Solsiden, and back to Ila in this winter day was good. Today is time to work hard.


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I have spent 6 days in Tromsø. I worked with professor Gunnar Hartvigsen, professor Erik Årsand, professor Audny Anke,  PhD student Woldaregay, Ashenafi Zebene, PhD student Pietro Randine and Juan Carlos Torrado Vidal.

I had lunch and discussions with the three female faculty of the Department: Randi Karlsen, Anne Håkansson, Chiara Bordin. Anne was employed in 2018 and Chiara in 2019. The department has had an increase of 220% of female scientific personnel, if you count me in 20% since 1.1.2019.

I saw six movies:
Fenomen (about music and Lofoten)
ANGELS ON DIAMOND STREET (about poor people and refugees in US)
Lyset fra sjokolade fabrikk (about relationships between Norwegian women)
Macho Dictatorship (about disequality between women and men in Italy)
iHuman (about AI and partly China)
Little Women (about life)

I loved Little Women, I liked Macho and Lyset very much. The athmosfere of TIFF is fantastic. At the department of CS at UiT, they are doing a great job with research and recruiting.


#ICSE2020 Developing Software for Motivating Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to do Outdoor Physical Activity #notsuccessatall

#ICSE2020 of four submitted papers, three rejections and one accepted as short paper. not successful at all, but I can say that rejections do not heart when you are almost 55 and you know you have done your best #academiclife @co-authors let us go through the reviews carefully and humbly

The accepted one “Developing Software for Motivating Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to do Outdoor Physical Activity”

.ps I run a competition of 5 km in December in Italy and many friends are asking me if I run marathon. With social media all other people look very successful, most of the time we are not successfull at all, we are just living and working IMG-20191221-WA0007


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