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Dear Colleagues,

International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research in Information Technology (IPIT)
is a NFR-funded project at IDI, with a main objective to develop a highly visible international consortium, composed from world’s leading institutions in the area, in order to share best practices and to build and strengthen academic cooperation in Information Technology (IT). Our international collaborators are  Tsinghua University (China), and Nanjing University (China) and one US University (to be announced during the meeting).

We will also announce fellowships for students for travelling abroad.

You’re cordially invited to our dissemination meeting scheduled on March 5, kl16:00-18:00 at Gløshaugen R7. Please register at  The meeting agenda is attached. It will be greatly appreciated if you would help spread the information to your students. Please contact Fufen Jin if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Fufen, on behalf of IPIT team

#Seul #Olimpiadi #Tecsiel #ITAPAC

A Seul noi vecchietti ci siamo gia’ stati. I giochi della XXIV Olimpiade si sono svolti a Seul in Corea del Sud da sabato 17 settembre a domenica 2 ottobre 1988. Io lavoravo in tecsiel e si programmava allegramente e ci si collegava con ITAPAC sul sito delle Olimpiadi per vedere i risultati. Chi se ne ricorda? Non ci giurerei che fosse ITAPAC, non era Internet era un altro protocollo, noi si diceva proto’ollo.

Shikine #Japan #ERCIM #grateful #Tappetina #ARTEC

Nobumitsu SHIKINE from the Entertainment Computing Lab lead by professor Junichi HOSHINO is visiting ARTEC and IDI. This research is also led by professor Toshimasa YAMANAKA (Kansei Science Lab). Shikine will give a lecture and demonstrates his NOVELICA tool at the Tappetina workshop. Moreover he will give a scientific lecture at NTNU (to be announced).
NOVELICA is a game to make people forget their negative feelings on mathematics. Dr. Javier Gomez Escribano (ERCIM fellow) will supervise Shikine. .ps I am so grateful to work with these young motivated people that want to come here from all around the world.
2018-02-05 10.01.59.jpg

nydelig bok Alejandro Zambra #Chile #Cile

poetic book. I wish I could read it in Spanish, may be I will try, at least I should find it in Italian. The end page is a poem about the cars we were driving with our parents when we were small. You can read about political issues between the lines, or you can, like me, take a trip in your childhood. You will come home. At least I did.

Diary of a today sad #professor #supervision

I have a question for my colleague supervisors (professors, researchers, etc.). Did you ever experience that your supervised students (master, phd) refer to the opinion of other professors (or researchers) as it was the big truth while they ignore what you are trying to say and contribute?
This happened to me often in the past and it still happens. In these cases, I feel smaller than the smallest one. I wonder if this technique is used by students toward several supervisors, if it is a technique or my own incompetence. I wonder if anyone has suggestions about how I can overcome these limitations or simply what to say or not say.
By the way, the 18.2.2018 it will be 30 years since I delivered my own master thesis (Ambienti di sviluppo: un modello concettuale per la rappresentazione di sistemi software). I still remember all my tears and struggles to write the thesis, not to talk of all tears for the theses of the supervised ones.

First Workshop on Gender Equality in Software Engineering @ICSEconf

This workshop, which will be held as part of ICSE 2018

ICT is pervasively influencing all human activities. In this context, more and more people of any age, gender and culture is exposed to such technologies and has to acquire some ability and skill in this context.

For reasons that are still being studied, the engagement of genders with ICT is not uniform. This gap is occurring at all levels and it is evident, for instance, in the small percentage of women covering top positions in professional and academic activities in the field.

At the same time, the community is realising that diversity, when it does not assume the negative aspects of discrimination, plays a key role to a successful and competitive context for software development and research. Such diversity is not only related to gender aspects but refers also to the combination of culture, religion and geographical distribution.

In this context, the purpose of this workshop, which will be held as part of ICSE 2018, is to discuss about the role, difficulties and opportunities concerning people of different gender in the field of software engineering, in research, education and industry.

The workshop will include some invited speeches from experts in the areas mentioned above, the presentation of accepted position papers and open discussion sessions.

A joint publication will be planned at the end of the workshop to make the community aware of our findings.

The workshop is sponsored by Chalmers University of Technology.


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