Trondheim October 2017

For many years I was so busy with duties and and my own grow up process, that I did not distinguish Summer from Winter. I said once to a dear friend who remembers a lot “for me the Summer in Trondheim is worst than Winter”.
Now I apreciate each single day, even when it rains it is good to run in the forest with friends and colleagues.
Thanks for everything world and have a nice weekend.
.ps is Trondheim exceptionally green and colorful this Autumn or am I wrong?

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Two months since my last post about books. life as professor is in fact more interesting and busy than I had thought. Anyway I have read little and I do not even feel to write reflections, only score:



Tokyo Game Show #NTNU #kahoot #funrun

My name is Letizia from the Monster Hunter World 🙂

I had an inspiration that it should be amazing. The Tokyo game show with its 300.000 visitors is one the most amazing cultural experiences of my life. My top three surprises: the androids, so real that one even resembled me of my nephew Ludovico; the stereotyped beautiful Japanese girls, I could not distinguish if they were real, androids, or my memories of Candy Candy;  that the Norwegian game industry was represented (I had a chat with funcom) but not the Italian.

Thanks to our hosts Hiroshi Matsumoto and Yuko Takishita.


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