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I am working toward the start of the NFR IDUN Project. We start from PhD students. Do you know which is the percentage of female PhD students at the whole NTNU IE faculty? And at the different departments? I know. Try to guess, or count. If any Computer Science department in the world has a higher percentage of female PhD students than IDI, I will send a present to the department head. On Monday evening I will tell some answers. Happy weekend!

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One of my professors in Pisa used to say that, the best people, you have to send them away. Our Simone Mora is now at MIT. He just wrote to me to share information about this project they are working with at MIT. He also asks for more information about the IDUN project, recently funded by NFR. 

While we do not yet have a home page for IDUN, since it will start in August 2019, and since the project proposal is in Norwegian, I share the weLead home page; and other inclusion initiatives at NTNU including the ADA project.

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I wrote the first version of Tappetina in 2009. Tappetina’s friend Sissi devotes her time to develop an anti garbage algorithm, and when she succeeds she makes the algorithm available for everybody.
It is good we strike on Friday. Let us ask our self how we want to use our research time. Is the amount of millions of our grants? The amount of papers and citations on our google scholar? Or is the goal of our research that matter? And should we use our intelligence, time, and heart to develop algorithms or whatever we develop to help the CEO’s of International companies to become even more reach and powerful? Should we help companies which do not care about the environment to prosper? Should we even help companies which produce weapons, again with our intelligence, time, and heart to produce better weapons?
As a former independent director of an International IT company I know very well how much a CEO earns. In principle, there is nothing unethical in what people earns, but if we researchers choose to strike, we should also question our research topic and method.
I ask questions as I do not know, not to judge. What do we want to use our valuable research possibilities for? NTNU, the biggest university of the world richest country has a possibility to make a difference, if we put our ego’s apart and we fight for something that is bigger than our scientific ego trip.

Inclusive Education #Award #European #Informatics educational initiatives that promote the inclusion and development of different student groups such as the elderly, immigrants or people with functional diversity.  

The Best Practices in Education Award recognizing educational initiatives across Europe that improve the quality of Informatics teaching and the attractiveness of the discipline. This award was initiated in 2011.

To promote teaching quality in Informatics, Informatics Europe every year presents the Best Practices in Education Award. The Award recognizes outstanding European educational initiatives that improve the quality of Informatics teaching and the attractiveness of the discipline, and that can be applied beyond their institutions of origin. The 2019 Award is devoted to outstanding European Informatics educational initiatives that promote the inclusion and development of different student groups such as the elderly, immigrants or people with functional diversity.  See more details on the 2019 Call for Submissions.


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words are important. the older we become the more we have to pay attention to use beautiful words, words that mean something beautiful. otherwise we can shut up. I have tried to read Lorenzo Marone, La tentazione di essere felici. The author has won a Strega that is the most prestigiuos Italian prize in literature (as far as I know). I could not finish the book, as words like “puzzo” (stink), and toilet, and toilet paper are used too many times. I could not finish the book as the female char, mistreated by her husband, needs the help of an old man to save herself. The theme is important but narrated in a way that is not beautiful for me. I also do not accept that the 80 years old hero and saver is “using” a prostitute for many years. But what are beautiful words? Fuck perfect. Nothing is perfect. I want to read what I like.

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March is women month.

  • We started already in late February with the PhD party.
  • From Politecnico di Torino, I have just been informed about the SheHack event.
  • On Saturday, I participated to the opening of Pop Up Feministhus. I was very inspired. Marianne Meløy and her words about the importance of humor opened up new paths for me.
  • I am more and more motivated to work with gender and inclusion issues in

Everybody should be a feminist or better an inclusivist, and try to use humor, science, art, and technology to include those who are not included.



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