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This is Iva Aggressi, one of the characters in Tappetina’s story. We meet her while she is in a rush of strong negative feelings, anger, envies, and aggression. It is ok. I wish I had learned less Latin, worried less, and learned  more about feelings. Negative feelings, especially envies, are the last tabu of our time. How to recognize feelings in our self and in other ones? I hope I will have time, resources, and persistency to develop the Tappetina game further, because the goal of the game is exactly that of helping people, and ourselves, to deal with empathy and feelings.


Mission Completed #ECSS_2018 @INFORMATICS_EU

I have contributed to the success of another conference IE ECSS and participated to the wire meeting. Next year conference will be at Pontificia Università Lateranense.

Socially Responsible Informatics

Roma, 28-29-30 October 2019 Program Co-Chairs: Elisabetta Di Nitto (Politecnico di Milano & Informatics Europe), Paola Mello (Univ. Bologna)
(to be completed)

General Co-Chairs: Enrico Nardelli (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata & Informatics Europe), Paolo Atzeni (Univ. Roma Tre), Gianfranco Basti (PUL-IRAFS), Alessandro Mei (Univ. Roma Sapienza



Personal Development Geraldine Fitzpatrick @tuit_tuwien about personal development for Deans and Department Heads at #ECSS_2018 @informatics_eu

I am participating to the IE Workshop about Personal Development by Geraldine Fitzpatrick. See resources

It is very good, wish I had something like this before – lesson learnt

  • we have to learn how to say yes to the important things
  • every yes entails a no
  • self compassion
  • emotional social intelligence (emotions as data)

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primo ottobre 1970 ricordi rosa

le foto di quel tempo non sono piu’ in bianco e nero, sono rosastre. il giradischi nel box di Roberta e’ arancione e canta in continuazione Montagne Verdi. Elena fa la bizza, all’asilo senza di me non ci vuole andare. Non si vuole nemmeno mettere i calzini, dice che bucano, ma la mamma e’ irremovibile, il primo Ottobre ci si mette i calzini. Io bevo ancora la colazione da un biberon con un grosso buco da cui escono biscotti, latte e caffe’. Io sono grande, io andro’ a scuola, oggi e’ il primo giorno, dalle Suore dell’Istituto Principe Amedeo in centro a Pisa. Mi accompagna il babbo con la macchina. Nella cartella ho la penna a inchiostro, le cartucce, la carta assorbente. La biro esiste si’ ma si deve imparare a scrivere con la penna a inchiostro.
Tra poco incontrero’ l’Altieri, il Bertini, Silvia Nardi, Luisa, Simone Mazzoni e tanti altre persone che saranno tanto importanti negli anni a venire. Non ho per niente paura, non ho quasi mai paura, e poi ci sara’ Michela.
.ps tutto questo ho pensato stamani a giro col cane. se non mi spiccio faccio tardi a scuola, cioe’ all’universita’
Foto @http://martiancraft.com/blog/2015/07/unexpected-journey-of-passion/

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When I thought I was safe, age over 50, leader of the steering board of the conference, respected by the community, it happened that the conference where I usually go each year and that I organized in 2015, was co-located by several other ones. The other conferences were dominated by white and grey men. One of these white, grey stupid ones, managed to embarace me. He sat near to me and closed me in the raw so that I was somehow prisoner, and he talked loud while a presenter was presenting. He was telling me comments like “that speaker should rather make love to his wife than talking about emotions in computer games”. he was trying to invite me for dinner, and worst, he was performing ostentation of his projects worth millions of euro and invitation to participate in successfull research proposals. He managed to send the slides of his keynote.

I left the room in the middle of the session and I escaped to a conference that was addressing hacking of PC’s in Soviet in the 80’s. If it was not because of I was afraid of the stupid grey man coming there too, I would have enjoyed the talk about the PC’s in Soviet.

Should I tell the name of the rich, successfull, pig (not big but pig) professor? Or shall I ignore him?

I do not know about you, but in these cases I feel like it is my fault if somebody is behaving bad and I am tormented by the fear of being unpolite, stupid, source of problems.

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