EiT 2018

EiT 2018

  • Group 2 worked on a challenge given by Espen Aamot Pettersen.
  • Group 1 worked on the Tappetina challenge given by me and Javier Gomez – see the video below.
  • Group 3 worked on the Sudan Knowledge challenge for Haitham Mohamed Uthman.

Thanks to customers Espen, Javier, Haitham, to all students, Ilias, and to Kshitij Sharma for the interesting presentation about Tappetina Empathy.

Thanks NTNU for giving us EiT and making us into social innovators and changers. Thanks to Espen Aamot Pettersen for his engagement, I will also help him, I will fly from Ghana if he calls me. Thanks NTNU for employing Letizia Jaccheri and Ilias Pappas.” This is the nicest sentence I have heard in my working life. Thanks Kwaku Peprah

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Sindre Berntsen Skarås presents Tappetina Empathy.

It has been a long time since I blogged about work. The truth is that I have been a bit overwhelmed by the old-new life as normal professor. I have felt I was working slower than 4 years before, I have felt I was suddenly the oldest in my group while I remembered being one of the youngest and most controversial when I left the group. By the way, when you feel old, you are depressed. So if you feel old, do something nice, buy a new dress, start a new activity, do something. You need Tappetina and you need new friends.

One of my big  sources of joy of this academic year is the work with Tappetina Empathy, carried out by excellent master student  Sindre Berntsen Skarås, and post docs Kshitij Sharma and Javier Gomez Escribano.
I will write more about the Tappetina Empathy game. However the best way to experience Tappetina is not to read, but to play. See the invitation below!

Want to play Fictionary with your friends and get some pizza and drinks for free? If yes, then come join us this Friday to play with Tappetina.
We are conducting a study to examine the relation between one’s ability to empathize (how well you can walk in others’ shoes) and how good a storyteller one is.
We would like to invite you to experience the game and enjoy delicious pizza on Friday 20th April at meeting room in IT-Bygget (122). Please choose a time-slot in the following Doodle:
Thank you and see you on Friday

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Yesterday I found a racist poston a facebook group that I loved (Pisani) and I unsubscribed. Then,  I wrote a post that was my way to decrease sadness by commenting the hair of a great Norwegian skier who has been in my TV for all the years and had quitted and I was arrested with a comment that depressed me. “This has nothing to do with hair, this is sad”, said the comment. I had tried to be light and funny but the message was sad. This is sad. Most sad, recently I reported to facebook a “friend” who was posting among other things, small dead fosters to “convince” against abort. This is too much. Think of the poor people who have in their life  choosen abort. Even if the state allows and forgiveness is found somewhere, does facebook has to torture these poor souls? No.

It is a pity because facebook has been a good tool for me to overcome nostalgy and to nurture cross cultural understanding. Nothing lasts for ever. We will find new ways. I go #facebook #nocomments #nolike #nopost for 10 days, then we will see. Take care, if you tag me, I will not accept on the tagline, do not be sad, do not be worried. I live and try to think. Arrivederci for now.

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A New York ho letto Cinque romanzi brevi di Natalia Ginzburg che son scritti benissimo ma son diversi da Lessico familiare. Il tema e’ completamente disconnesso da New York, avrei dovuto leggere il Padrino, o rileggere il mio amato Soldati. Ma non ci ho pensato e ho letto la Ginzburg e un volo intercontinentale, il jet leg, vips, tutto mi passa in un soffio e non dormo mai. Dormiremo quando saremo vecchi. Un po’ vecchietta sarei gia’, ma in questa foto c’e’ una luce bellissima e io sembro la me di un tempo.


Fai bei sogni @MaxGramel ‏

sweet-dreams-fai-bei-sogniLo schermo e’ piccino e il suono di cattiva qualita’, ma i film che mi sono goduta di piu’ li ho visti in aereo. Ieri inaspettato sul AMS – New York, Fai bei sogni e’ ambientato nella  mia amata Torino.  E’ un film chiaro e forte, ancora piu’ bello del libro. Al solito ho pianto a fontana. Una storia sul potere della verita’ e della semplicita’ e sul dolore che bisogna affrontare.

Visitai New York nel gennaio 1990. Augusto era morto da 10 giorni quando giunsi da sola a New York. Mi sembravano 10 anni e il dolore mi prendeva tutte le cellule del cervello e del cuore. Non so se l’ho saputo affrontare il dolore, ma io di New York non ricordo niente, solo quello che in seguito ho letto nei libri.

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