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bwp5.jpgI will be keynote at the

International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Applications
INTAP 2018

the title of my talk will be:

From Software through Art to Social Entrepreneurship 
Preparing this keynote will be my “free time” activity for the next week. I will set up a trial provided there is somebody interested to listen and help. I am looking forward to this trip and experience.

Abstract: Software engineering has been in contact with new media art for years, although the connections between these fields have rarely been explicit. In our studies we have identified software engineering issues that appear at the intersection between art and software. Artistic software is often built in small multidisciplinary teams, including collaboration between artists and software developers, as the artworks are heavily dependent on software. Artistic software projects have often a social goal and are highly innovative. Our studies in art and software have given the ground for two research directions:
The first is maker movement for education. The maker culture can be described as a philosophy in which individuals or groups of individuals create artifacts that are recreated and assembled using software and/or physical  objects. Typical topics of interest in maker culture include engineering-oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, 3D printing, and computer numerical control tools, as well as more traditional activities such as sewing or arts and crafts. Scholars and educators have  reported a variety of outcomes from the Maker Movement as an instructional process. The advent of programming languages for children (ie, Scratch) combined with accessible programmable hardware platforms (ie, Arduino) makes it possible for teenagers to engage in creative development of digital enriched artifacts, like robots and interactive installations. Together with a group of researchers and artists we have designed, implemented, and evaluated workshop programs. In our studies we have identified the important factors that characterize these development activities and more specifically, what motivates children to participate in such software and hardware intensive  activities?
The second is to harness the power of big data, increase collective and individual awareness about societal problems, existing in multiple levels of society, and ultimately create the needed intelligence that will lead to innovative solutions for societal challenges, such as, frameworks for organizing workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation for immigrants. This will empower the stakeholders that try to solve societal problems to follow data driven decision making process towards a sustainable society. Social Innovation is a great way for understanding and producing social good and change. It may be defined as “A novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals”. Social Innovation is a priority in EU’s strategic framework and is promoted through the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative. Structures like the Social Innovation Europe have been created to foster Social Innovation, and various EU funded projects are working on SI.

Innsirkling 1,2,3

I hele sommer, har jeg lyttet, lest, skrevet ned navn og steder, spurt Geir utallige ganger spørsmål a la  “hva betyr vindauge?”.
Carl Frode Tiller er nå blant mine favoritter, foran Ferrante og Knausgård.
Jeg sitter med mange spørsmål. Hvordan fikk Marius vite om sin biologiske far? Og får David vite om ham? Problemet med å høre på lydbok er at noen ganger jeg sovner, eller jeg drømmer meg bort. Det hender jeg gråter som et barn mens jeg lytter, som i går når jeg skulle lufte Nino i Osloveien og David møter igjen sin gran onkel, bror til morfar Erik, som ennå er der ved barndommshjemmet og snakket slik man snakket når David var liten. Som jeg hadde elsket å møte en gang til mine grandonkler og grandtanter i Pescia.

Har du svar på mine spørsmål om Innsirkling send meg en melding eller legg en kommentar. Jeg skal lytte til bok 3 en gang til nå.



Diario di Letizia Jaccheri. Una ragazza di 15 1/2 che ama la compagnia. Quest’estate ho letto poco. Ho riletto i miei diari che ho scritto dai 13 ai 18 anni. Certe pagine sono scritte con una calligrafia impeccabile, certe sono tutte arruffate che nemmeno io riesco a capire cosa ho scritto. I personaggi sono la mamma, le sorelle, i compagni di scuola, Michela, i professori. Gli argomenti le interrogazioni, gli innamoramenti, le punizioni, gli allenamenti, i voti, ma anche qualche prima idea di liberta’ e indipendenza. Tema di fondo l’allegria e la compagnia.


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Ho deciso che per tutta l’estate non commentero’ la politica italiana, ne’ sui social ne’ sotto l’ombrellone. Ascoltero’, leggero’ e osservero’ e basta. La situazione e’ talmente complicata che il mondo non ha bisogno delle mie paroline.

Commentero’ libri, vestiti, film, capelli,  figlioli, mamme, bella gente, sabbia troppo calda, mare increspato,  e qualche pettegolezzo spero non cattivo. All’asilo si era gia’ imparato tutto, l’importante e’ non essere cattivi.

A tutti buona estate. Sto leggendo Innsirkling 2 di Carl Frode Tiller – c’e’ anche in italiano. Accerchiamento. download.jpg

Visiting NTNU in Trondheim Norway June 3-23

Computing Education Research Blog

Barbara and I are just back from a three week trip to NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. Katie Cunningham came with us (here’s a blog post about some of her work). Three weeks is enough time to come up with a dozen ideas for blog posts, but I don’t have the cycles for that. So let me just give you the high-level view, with pictures and links to learn more.

We went at the beginning of June because Barb and I (and the University of Michigan) are part of the IPIT network (International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research in Information Technology) that had its kick-off meeting June 3-5. The partnership is about software engineering and computing education research, with a focus student and faculty exchange and meetings at each others’ institutions: NTNU, U. Michigan, Tsinghua University, and Nanjing University. I learned a lot about software engineering that…

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Honorable Mention Note 

Leo con lula, introducing global reading methods to children with ASD

J Gomez, L Jaccheri, JC Torrado, G Montoro
Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children – Honorable Mention Note


For first time in my life I get a Honorable Mention Note  You could say that I did not need because I am a professor, I am 53 years old, and I should be thinking about how to conclude and leave space to young people. Those who know me, hopefully know that I think about young people a lot, trying to show them possibilities in computing, internationalization, research, and the importance of  friendly cooperation. I think of the young pupils who come to Kodeløypa, the students in EiT, the master students, the PhD, the postdocs.

Sometimes I think about me and not always in the same positive way as I think about the other ones, and this is not good, neither for me, nor for those in my generation, expecially female ones. Who will empower middle age women to become better teachers and researchers and mentors and not least human beings so that they can empower young girls and boys? I have never seen questions like this addressed.

You could say that I do not deserve this prize, as Javier and the Spanish team have done 99% of the work.

I may not deserve this prize, but I needed it, as a recognition for all the times I have fighted to keep people, not least somebody will remeber that I had to defend hard the cv of Javier when we selected the ERCIM winners during the 2017 round, and I was department head and I almost wanted to give up, not to bring water to my mill. Fortunately I did not give up.

Thanks Javier for joing the team, for sharing the Leo con Lula Work, for being such a positive player in our group. And congratulations to both you, me, and the rest of the team.

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