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Letizia’s Diary

Yesterday I read a sentence on instagram by Sheryl Sandberg – “success is not only about results, but also about survival”. I do not remember exaclty and I do not find it now. How to find out what we have liked on insta? Yesterday I gave a present to me. One hour with fantastic Agnete Fjellheim Opland at 3T helse. The conclusion is that I do not have any prolapse and I can swim, bike, run, practice yoga as much as I want. I am ready for the next 50 years. I suggest this experience to everybody, 600 Kr. well invested.

@StatoilASA kondolerer

La Norvegia e’ in lutto. Ma c’era anche un italiano sull’elicottero che trasportava 13 lavoratori di Statoil e e’ precipitato nel mare di Bergen. non so il suo nome ne’ perche’ lavorava la’. So solo che siamo, siamo stati o saremo tutti emigranti. RIP. Repubblica

Norge er i sorg. Men det var også en italiener på helikopter som fraktet 13 Statoil arbeidere og styrtet i sjøen utenfor Bergen. Jeg vet hverken navn eller hvorfor han jobbet der. Jeg vet bare at vi er, vi har vært eller vil vi bli utflyttere alle sammen. RIP.

Hvis han har vondt siden sommer, kan han ikke ha så vondt #vaffanculo

I have always dreamed about public health services and education and I do not like when I choose private services. But I am not perfect nor consistent as most human beings. One of my sons has had earache since july 2015 and after some uncessfull visits to the local doctor, he now finally get an appointment with specialist Kjell Wormdal for 30th June 2016.
When I called to ask for another and earlier appointment and I tried to explain that he has had pain since summer 2015 the secretary told me – Hvis han har vondt siden sommer, kan han ikke ha så vondt. (if he has pain since summer he cannot be so much in pain).
I love Norway and I dream of public health but I love my son more so now I have an appointment with aleris for the 25th of april and I regret so much that I did not call aleris some months ago. The secretary would have get a good #vaffanculo if she were able to understand Italian.

Verdens beste pappa #nrk

I have seen the second episode of NRK’s Verdens beste pappa. My personal reflections are as follow. Now I write as an human being not as an employer or a professor. So please disagree with me, tell me why you like Verdens beste pappa because I really do not like.

  1. I am glad I did not see anything like this before I get children because otherwise I would never have dared – so high expectations for a human being who has to work, live, and be a father at the same time.
  2. I am aware that people must see me as a bad mother. I have been directly criticized several times by other mothers for talking while the boys were playing football. The trend was to scream “you are so good! go! go” even if the boy was running to the opposite direction of the opponent’s goal.
  3. I sympathized especially with IT expert Arnt who was heavily criticized for talking about work at the dinner table. If I know something about strategy, law, politics, it is  mainly for the dinners (not so many) I was able to talk and listen with my father and his friends who were eating at our place, and believe me, they were not talking baby language to us.
  4. I agree that family has to come first, but for us who come from countries with high unemploiment, having a work is also a blessing and children (also the Norwegian ones) have to understand since they are small, that adults work because they have to support, improve, change the family, Norway, the world.