Verdens beste pappa #nrk

I have seen the second episode of NRK’s Verdens beste pappa. My personal reflections are as follow. Now I write as an human being not as an employer or a professor. So please disagree with me, tell me why you like Verdens beste pappa because I really do not like.

  1. I am glad I did not see anything like this before I get children because otherwise I would never have dared – so high expectations for a human being who has to work, live, and be a father at the same time.
  2. I am aware that people must see me as a bad mother. I have been directly criticized several times by other mothers for talking while the boys were playing football. The trend was to scream “you are so good! go! go” even if the boy was running to the opposite direction of the opponent’s goal.
  3. I sympathized especially with IT expert Arnt who was heavily criticized for talking about work at the dinner table. If I know something about strategy, law, politics, it is  mainly for the dinners (not so many) I was able to talk and listen with my father and his friends who were eating at our place, and believe me, they were not talking baby language to us.
  4. I agree that family has to come first, but for us who come from countries with high unemploiment, having a work is also a blessing and children (also the Norwegian ones) have to understand since they are small, that adults work because they have to support, improve, change the family, Norway, the world.


3 thoughts on “Verdens beste pappa #nrk”

  1. I loved it Letizia! As a single mother entrepreneur, I believe you can only be a good parent when you are truly yourself in the first place. I always remember the analogy you gave me before I left my postdoc job at IDI for industry, i.e., “on the plane, you are supposed to help yourself with oxygen first, then your kid … otherwise you fail for both!”. Keep rocking the floor 🙂

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  2. I have so far seen only part of the series. I can see your point, and I agree with them, but not your overall conclusion, based on what I have seen ;). This perhaps due to my view of the context: The program contrasts greatly the multitude of TV-shows on managing your children from the US and Britain in later years (varieties of “nanny-something” which focus on timeouts and punishment/consequences). For families who disagree on child-raising I find the NRK program vastly more general and helpful by focusing on being present in your communication and respecting kids as individuals worth respect. So in comparison …

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