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@uit #tiff #tromsø thanks!

I have spent 6 days in Tromsø. I worked with professor Gunnar Hartvigsen, professor Erik Årsand, professor Audny Anke,  PhD student Woldaregay, Ashenafi Zebene, PhD student Pietro Randine and Juan Carlos Torrado Vidal.

I had lunch and discussions with the three female faculty of the Department: Randi Karlsen, Anne Håkansson, Chiara Bordin. Anne was employed in 2018 and Chiara in 2019. The department has had an increase of 220% of female scientific personnel, if you count me in 20% since 1.1.2019.

I saw six movies:
Fenomen (about music and Lofoten)
ANGELS ON DIAMOND STREET (about poor people and refugees in US)
Lyset fra sjokolade fabrikk (about relationships between Norwegian women)
Macho Dictatorship (about disequality between women and men in Italy)
iHuman (about AI and partly China)
Little Women (about life)

I loved Little Women, I liked Macho and Lyset very much. The athmosfere of TIFF is fantastic. At the department of CS at UiT, they are doing a great job with research and recruiting.


#ICSE2020 Developing Software for Motivating Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to do Outdoor Physical Activity #notsuccessatall

#ICSE2020 of four submitted papers, three rejections and one accepted as short paper. not successful at all, but I can say that rejections do not heart when you are almost 55 and you know you have done your best #academiclife @co-authors let us go through the reviews carefully and humbly

The accepted one “Developing Software for Motivating Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to do Outdoor Physical Activity”

.ps I run a competition of 5 km in December in Italy and many friends are asking me if I run marathon. With social media all other people look very successful, most of the time we are not successfull at all, we are just living and working IMG-20191221-WA0007


Elisabeth Stephansen #IDUN

I get this small intelligent book as Christmas present from Kari Hag. It is about the first woman in Norway who took a PhD in Mathematics, 79 years before our Idun Reiten. Well written book.  I enjoyed very much the part about life (the studies in Zurich, the time in Ås) and family (she was fond of her family and she was engaged three times, one with a student). I must admit I did not try to understand the Mathematic, it should be possible as I have passed Math 1 and Math 2 from University of Pisa with decent grades in the 80’s, but I would need more time. Thanks @Kari, you rule. wp-15786369543447698291117525365159.jpg

@informatics_eu #gender #informatics

From 1.1.2020 I will be part of the board of Informatics Europe and lead the Women in Informatics Research and Education (WIRE) Working Group.
Today I will work all day to make a plan for WIRE activities and to prepare a meeting with ELSEVIER. I read this 100 pages document Gender in the global research landscape.

Some quotes from the report “One study finds that only 13% of highly cited authors in 2014 were women; this number varies by discipline, from 3.7%
in engineering to 31% in the social sciences.”

It is a big honor and responsibility to lead such an activity at European level. It fits very well other activities in the IDUN project. I have been thinking about the combination of Informatics and gender for several decades now. Still there are so many things I do not know and so many feelings I have to overcome while working on these issues. First difficulty:  all my past and present work mistakes and failures become so visible to me when I try to work to facilitate other ones to succeed. Second difficulty: gender  work is a topic many people (even scientists!)  have a lot of opinions without having much knowledge.  Let’s go. .ps thanks to John Krogstie who lets me represent IDI in Informatics Europe


La magia della Befana

In Via Fiume 4 la Befana arrivava dalla porta di cucina. “Venga Befana, li vuole ibbroccoli Befana”. “Nooo” rispondeva flebile la Befana, la Befana era la Gina e alla Gina non piacevano i broccoli. “Ha portato irregali o il carbone?” Chiedeva la nonna. E qualche volta le scappava detto Gina, invece che Befana. La Befana portava le calze coi Befanotti. Il teatrino era il corridoio tra l’ingresso e la cucina, tutti e sei intorno alla nonna e alla Befana Gina. Il nonno e i nostri genitori figure fuori campo. Qualcuno pestava sempre la nonna che si arrabbiava e ci dava un urlo, anche in presenza della Befana. La Befana ci lasciava i regali e il carbone e usciva dalla porta principale e la Gina rientrava dalla porta di cucina.

.ps A Pescia “i regali” si pronuncia “irregali” e “i broccoli” “Ibbroccoli”.

Elena Ferrante La vita bugiarda degli adulti

I get this book as present from my dear friend Elena G. and I am sorry to criticize the book, but I have to. In the quadrilogy, in spite of violence and poor relations, there is always an attempt to lift oneself up, there is always somebody acting as inspiration. Elena lifts up Lila and Lila lifts up Elena when Elena does not want to read, teacher Oliviero inspires both Elena and Lila, even the two dolls, are source of inspiration, as when they disappear, Don Achille gives money to the girls so they can buy their first book, little women.
In “La vita bugiarda degli adulti” there is nothing positive, only lies, bad sex described in such a masculine way that I start to think again that Ferranti is not a woman, at least she was not alone to write this book. The symbol of the book, the bracelet, is mentioned too many times, as symbol of bad relations that do not improve. I hope young people will not read this book as it gives very little hope, while we need hope. 1573727705674_f

Ari Behn

Sebbene io sia per principio, contro la monarchia, ho seguito con stima la famiglia reale norvegese, per come hanno gestito la vita della famiglia in modo aperto, dal matrimonio di Håkon con la ragazza madre Mette-Marit al meraviglioso discorso del re Harald, in cui riconosce come cittadini norvegesi gli immigrati, gli omosessuali, e tutti noi.
Ho appreso con dolore la notizia del suicidio di Ari Behn. Stanotte mi sono svegliata alle tre per pensarci. Quando vivi in un paese monarchico, i membri della famiglia reale li vedi ogni giorno, sulle locandine dei giornali e sui social, sono come come a parenti lontani.
Le mie condoglianze alla famiglia Reale e alle sue tre giovani figlie.
Ho imparato dal mio professore Reidar tanti anni fa, che la Norvegia ha la fama negativa di essere un paese a alto livello di suicidi e che questo non e’ vero, perche’ per esempio la Francia ha un tasso di suicidio piu’ alto della Norvegia (vedi wikipedia).
Una cosa mi colpisce, come la depressione sia sottovalutata. Perche’ e’ cosi’ difficile aiutare chi e’ depresso? Perche’ chi e’ depresso non prende accorgimenti maggiori, per esempio smettendo di bere alcolici? Perche’ non siamo piu’ aperti sulla depressione e iniziamo a considerarla una malattia come il cancro o la polmonite? Andreste a fare il bagno in mare con la polmonite? No. Io non voglio bere alcolici quando non sono completamente felice. Riposa in pace Ari Behn.