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1.1 – Non sparlare

Ogni anno mi ripropongo che il mio proposito e’ imparare a non sparlare. Non ci riesco completamente, altrimenti avrei cambiato proposito, ma miglioro. Perche’ se sparli degli altri, sparli di te stesso e del mondo intero. Non sparlare significa guardare in alto invece che in basso. Se ci dovesse essere una cacca in terra, pace, meglio pestare una cacca e guardare al cielo, al sole che da mezzogiorno illumina la torre, agli studenti che vagano freddolosi e preoccupati. Non ci si deve preoccupare, si deve ridere, e dimenticare tutto all’infuori di quando abbiamo riso, e ridere ancora.

Kvinner i Finans 10.01.2023

Therese Høyer Grimstad, arbeidslivsdirektør i Finans Norge og styremedlem i Kvinner i Finans Charter

Gjennomgang av statusrapporten
Turid Solvang, daglig leder Kvinner i Finans Charter

Likestilling i teknologibransjen
Letizia Jaccheri, professor ved NTNU

Når alvoret siger inn – tøffe tak for å fikse kjønnsbalanse på toppen
Stian Gårdsvoll, partner i PwC

I tillegg kommer Ellen Reitan, statssekretær i Finansdepartementet innom og deler sine tanker og erfaringer om teamet. 

Books of Autumn and Christmas 2022 #Bellegueule #Tolstoj #Perrin #Honeyman #Verne #Jansson #Culicchia #Desiati

I wish all a good 2023, for me I wish many good books. I write down what I have read since the summer since I had not blogged about books this Autumn. Since I read on kindle, listen on google play, and borrow from the library, I need to write down here.

So, now I am reading Farla finita con Eddy Bellegueule, Edouard Louis which is very very good. I have observed similar episodes and attitudes my self. While the school and we academic people talk about inclusion, many many people live in poverty, and worst in hate. I like the book so much, that is why I get the energy to write down this blog post, so I will not forget.


Juleminner – (fineste julefortellingene fra kjente og kjære forfattere som Alf Prøysen, Asbjørnsen og Moe, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoj, H. C. Andersen, og Elsa Beskow) lovely especially the one by Tolstoj – I never reflected on the fact he was pacifist and had written children stories. I have borrowed in the library but I want to buy this book and read each year.

Il quaderno dell’amore perduto, Valérie Perrin – I had not liked the previous one (Cambiare l’acqua ai fiori), as I did not understand what is new. Now I understand, she writes about very destructive family relations, so destructive that they kill each other. Not very uplifting.


Le nostre vite, Francesco Carofiglio, I did not finish, you will not believe it but I bought thinking it was Gianrico and then while reading I was thinking, Oh my God, what did he write? not good at all.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: Gail Honeyman – well written, I did not love it, but I read it with pleasure.


Jules Verne, Viaggio al Centro della Terra

Jules Verne, Dalla Terra alla Luna

French books I have to read them in Italian. I read Jules Verne or other classic books for children when I need a break from strong feelings and adult life.

Chiara Gamberale, Il libro o la gallina, awful. I felt cheated to buy such a short and shallow book. I had liked her before, but not this one!

September and August

Småtrollene og den store oversvømmelse Tove Jansson, lovely Moomin!

Trollvinter Tove Jansson, Moomin is about family, frienship, inclusion, I also saw the whole series on TV

Kometen kommer, Tove Jansson

Giuseppe Culicchia Sicilia o cara – lovely lovely lovely. It is like travelling to Sicily, to Torino, I listened in audio book. I will listen again.


Spatriati (Supercoralli) Mario Desiati – I liked very much, I saw many similarities in the fragments of conversations I hear on planes and airports and cafe’s when the young expats talk.

Min skyld en historie om frigjøring – Abid Raja – it is good but in some points and especially in the end it becomes – as we say in Norwegian – for mye av det gode.

which URL’s are good to cite and which are not? And how to cite? Project reports question 1 #softwareengineering #interdisciplinary #research #education

While the rest of the family looks at chess world master league, I read project reports by master students. Lovely to be on Christmas vacation and having time to read in peace. Click here for many project reports and theses. Question 1 – how do we teach (and evaluate) which URL’s are good to cite and which are not? Examples of URLs cited by the report I read now.

[1] European Comission. A European Green Deal. Accessed: 09/11/2022. url: https://ec.europa.
eu/info/strategy/priorities-2019-2024/european-green-deal en.
[2] United Nations. 68% of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2050, says
UN. Accessed: 09/11/2022. url:
[3] Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Accessed: 09/11/2022. url:
[4] CrAFt: the EU-funded project for cities to become climate-netural, beautiful and inclusive.
Accessed: 09/11/2022. url:
[5] New European Bauhaus. Accessed: 09/11/2022. url: en.

Merry Christmas

Dear friends and colleagues, it is time to wish everybody a peaceful winter break and a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas. In time of war, climate and health challenges, it becomes even more important to act joyfully and with engagement for each other and for what we do. For the 2023 my main professional focus will be on the ACM WomENcourage that we organize in Trondheim 20-22 September 2023 – I hope you write it in your calendar already from now and that you will join us for a friendly and purposeful celebration. For my private life I wish more laughter, reading, swimming and family time. Best wishes to all of you.

Stella di Italia

Sono riconoscente all’Italia e alla mia famiglia italiana per l’educazione ricevuta e un’infanzia piena di risate. Sono riconoscente alla Norvegia, a Geir, ai miei figli e a NTNU per una vita sicura, piacevole e interessante.

E’ importante essere umili, il mio motto l’ho impararo dal mio caro libro Pinocchio e’ – dimostrati brava coraggiosa e disinterresata e diventerai una bambina vera. Amo leggere si e amo sempre di piu’ i libri per bambini, Pinocchio e gli scandinavi Pippi, Mummitrollet e Kardemommeby. Quest’ultimo lo consiglio a tutti quelli che vogliono imparare il norvegese e la tolleranza.

Man skal ikke plage andre, man skal være grei og snill,
og for øvrig kan man gjøre hva man vil.

Che tradotto diventa – sii gentile e vai per la tua strada.

Questa onoreficienza significa tanto per me, un rinnovato impegno di essere gentile e umile per contribuire a un mondo piu’ inclusivo. Grazie ambasciatore, grazie a tutti.


Gazzetta di Italia