Hvis han har vondt siden sommer, kan han ikke ha så vondt #vaffanculo

I have always dreamed about public health services and education and I do not like when I choose private services. But I am not perfect nor consistent as most human beings. One of my sons has had earache since july 2015 and after some uncessfull visits to the local doctor, he now finally get an appointment with specialist Kjell Wormdal for 30th June 2016.
When I called to ask for another and earlier appointment and I tried to explain that he has had pain since summer 2015 the secretary told me – Hvis han har vondt siden sommer, kan han ikke ha så vondt. (if he has pain since summer he cannot be so much in pain).
I love Norway and I dream of public health but I love my son more so now I have an appointment with aleris for the 25th of april and I regret so much that I did not call aleris some months ago. The secretary would have get a good #vaffanculo if she were able to understand Italian.

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