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There are only men at G7 finance ministers and central bank governors’ meeting. When I see pictures like this, I get full of shame. What did my generation do? Why did we not understand before how important gender equality is? Why do we give up leadership positions? Why do men, in some countries, still judge female politicians from the way they look rather the way they work? Somebody understood very early, but things are going slow. I am more and more motivated to work with gender issues in IT and in leadership. And I am more and more grateful to my role models. Today I want to mention Berit Moltu, whom I met 30 years ago and she was reading Simone de Beauvoir and she was participating to feminist meetings and has been a fantastic door opener for me to my network in Norway. Because I believe that networking and mentoring are the key to improve gender balance.


la magia e il dolore del riordino

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tra i miei ricordi piu’ belli, l’interail, il primo. era l’anno 1985, 4 ragazzi e io. Vienna, Monaco, la crocera sul Reno, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Londra e Parigi. Non mi sono mai stancata nei 34 anni a venire di parlarne, di scrivere dettagli, di trasformarli, di immaginare come sarebbe stato, se un giorno di inverno di appena 5 anni dopo, Augusto e Giovanni e anche Nicola non se ne fossero andati. Il museo di Van Gogh mi aveva affascinato e il poster di Van Gogh mi ha seguito dappertutto, prima sui treni arrotolato in un tubo, poi a Pisa in camera mia sopra il letto, poi a Torino, nella mansarda di Via Calandra, in Via Sassari e in Via delle Rosine. E’ stato caricato su un camion nel 1997 da un paio di energumeni, ha attraversato di nuovo l’Europa e e’ arrivato in Klæbuveien, a Trondheim, da li’ in Steiberget 3 e poi qui in Osloveien 6, dove ha girato qualche stanza e poi e’ finito in soffitta. Ha spravvissuto ai periodici riordini e ieri e’ finito su finn.no, il sito norvegese delle vendite e degli scambi.
Un sabato mattina a Torino avevo comprato una lampada, ne scrivo nel libro Casa di Ringhiera, l’avevo amata dal primo momento e me l’ero trasportata a piedi come una lancia per le vie di Torino, urtando le signore vestite bene in via Po. L’avevo fatta aggiustare e anche lei, insieme al poster di Van Gogh era arrivata in Norvegia in un giorno di luglio di 22 anni fa. Da tempo, la lampada e il poster si facevano compagnia in soffitta e quando vado su, per prendere una valigia o una sedia in piu’ prima delle feste, mi son sempre fermata a guardarli, a pensare all’interrail e al baloon.
Ieri qualcuno li ha presi, due persone diverse. Cosi’ io, la lampada e il poster siamo sempre qui a Trondheim, saro’ sempre i miei ricordi, le persone e i luoghi che ho amato, il poster di Van Gogh e la lampada con le chitarre o i violini. Saro’ anche il mio futuro e senza tanti fronzoli e tanti macigni, pronta per nuove avventure.

A proposito di lei – Banana Yoshimoto


Ascoltato in audible, in parallelo a mia sorella Roberta che aveva iniziato a ascoltarlo prima di me. Bellissime le descrizioni del giardino, della casa, delle relazioni. Anche nelle situazioni piu’ terribili e’ possibile vedere la bellezza, l’amore, l’ordine delle cose. Bravissima Banana, il sogno e’ essere in grado di scrivere un libro cosi’.


Diary: life, work, books, conferences, and self confidence – the eight mountains and the 47 flights

download.jpgIn the last days the weather has been bad, so I had to stop swimming outside and started to swim in swimming pool. I listen a lot to audible in Italian. Since Dostojewski that was very hard,  I have read:





  • Le Otto Montagne Paolo Cognetti, that is wonderful, and translated in many languages including Norwegian, recomended.
  • Le tre del Mattino, by Gianrico Carofiglio, not bad, but not the best Carofiglio.
  • L’ultima settimana di Settembre – Lorenzo Licalzi, average.
  • Resto qui, by Marco Balzano, Excellent, about a piece of history of Italy I knew very little about.

I work in a peaceful way and I have time to read master theses and to work with the best education award prize of Informatics Europe.

I have written a piece in the local newspaper about my 39 flights. In fact I had forgotten the 6 flights for Poland and 2 for Stavanger. They should by 47.

I work with Jingyue for EASE2020 and with Ilias and Patrick for I3E2019.

Today I eat lunch with a good friend. We were talking about appreciation by other people. We have first to appreciate our self, that is why it is called self-confidence. In spite of all our mistakes, we have to believe in our self.

Orges visiting Ann Arbor in June 2019

Very good job @Orges!

I started my adventure in finding Tech Startups in Ann Arbor at the beginning of June.

Barbara Ericson, Professor at School of Information at UMICH, had been helping me all the way through during this time to get in touch with many of the responsible in the community. It has been thanks to her connections that I started planning ahead.

However, before arriving in Ann Arbor there have been little but promising hopes to meet with some of the Tech Startups in the city. Apparently, I realized later that most of the startups were High Tech oriented. First Aileen, Professor at Transforming Engineering Education Lab (TEEL), helped me get in touch with other colleagues, who in turn got in touch with others until I got one interview promise via email from Fluity hosted at Desai Accelerator. This didn’t discourage me since the community seemed pretty thriving with innovation initiatives.

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Many people look at Chernobyl on HBO. I tried yesterday but I do not manage. Too much pain in my breast. On the one hand I remember everything about the Chernobyl time, Augusto who was so interested in politics and what was going on in the world. I was narrow minded, thinking of my exams and my water polo and the problems around me. I do not even remember what I voted for the referendum we had in Italy few years after about nuclear power. I start remembering that while in Torino, one professor was working to bring Chernobyl victims to Torino and I was thinking – do we still have the problem of Chernobyl so many years later? This was 1990, 4 years later.

Tonight I had a dream. I had to choose university and I did not know what to do. I thought that I liked languages and literature but that it was not easy to find a job. I did not know what to do. Few images of Chernobyl on HBO were able to bring me back to the 80’s when I did not know what to do and what was going on in the world. Do I know it now?

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Time for a small update from Montreal. First I am home sick. I will manage but I count the nights away, still 6 nights to go since I will be in Michigan next week. It is called work, so it is ok that it is a bit hard.

On the social side, I have catched up with the many excellent Italian abroad and made some new connections. I have never been so strategic in networking, I sit there and if somebody wants to talk me, I am glad. The morning run was my favorite part. And the Gemini center dinner organized by Viktoria Stray.

On the scientific side, the keynote by Margaret-Anne Storey was so extremely well done, of course I am impressed in front of such cleverness and success (slides here). However, it was more like a mini course in empirical methods and I must admit still very difficult to follow even for me who has been teaching empirical software engineering. I hope students and industry find it useful.

The gender workshop was well organized and I made good connections, that are useful for the Idun project and Kodeløypa.

Pictures will say more. Happy to have met one of my professors, now rector Paola Inverardi. You cannot tell who is the professor who is the student, also because we are both (running) professors.

.ps so many things I did not know: journal first, commodity, community smells…

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