Big success for IDI’s study program

All in all, we have 1331+??  primary applicants for our 455+?? places in our 7 study programs (there may be mistakes in my numbers – not official ones).

  1. DT datateknologi has a 9,90% increase with respect to 2016 of the number of primary applicants (432 for 140 places)
  2. ITHINGDA Ingeniør, data Trondheim has a 27,5% increase of the number of primary applicants (236 for 75 places)
  3. ??? Ingeniør, data Gjøvik has a 11,90% increase of the number of primary applicants (58 for 20 places)
  4. ??? Bachelor i Programmering Gjøvik har ??? increase of the number of primary applicants (??? for ??? places=
  5. BIT Informatikk Bachelor Trondheim has a 5,80% increase of the number of primary applicants (328 for 130 places)
  6. ??? Informatikk Årsstudium Gjøvik has 4,50% increase of the number of primary applicants (23 for 15 places)
  7. ITBAINFODR Informatikk, drift av datasystemer Bachelor Trheim has a decrease of -7,40 of the number of primary applicants (87 for 40 places)
  8. ITBAINFO Informatikk, informasjonsbehandling Bachelor Trhei has an increase of 11,30 of the number of primary applicants (167 for 35 places)

Ingeniør, data Ålesund has a 11,90% increase of the number of primary applicants (66 for 15 places)

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The Department of Computer Science at @UiT The #Arctic University of #Norway has two #positions vacant for a highly qualified full #professor or associate professor in computer science

UiT wishes to increase the proportion of females in senior research positions. In the event that two or more applicants are found to be approximately equally qualified, female applicants will be given priority.

I help my colleagues in Tromsø who are doing an excellent effort to recruit, with focus on female applicants. In Norway you cannot employ a professor if you are not able to document that you have actively looked for female candidates.

Mattis Øybøs Elskere @ForlagetOktober @mattiso

Mattis Øybøs Elskere minner om en gresk tragedie. Romanen er en moderne norsk tragedie. Med bakgrunn i 22. Juli og dets ondskap (“ondskap er en time med gevær på en øy”), blir vi vitner til en cocktail av kjærlighet, løgn, kunst, galskap, makt og penger, familie og venner relasjoner. Teknologien og dets utvikling spiller også en rolle. Jeg elsker de gamle bilder som kommer opp fra de gamle mobiler. Hvorfor har jeg ikke selv  skrevet noe sånt? Jeg er så imponert at noen klarer å skrive en roman som inneholder så mange store konsepter og referanser, en roman som aldri blir kjedelig eller patetisk. Jeg gir 6 stjerner.  Jeg håper det blir oversatt til engelsk i hvert fall.  Anbefales.


never go to work with #mascara


I thought it should be a normal day, no difficult matters, no challenging meetings. It is not snowing nor raining so I decided to put on some mascara today. It was a big mistake because now I have black lines coming down my face. I found a letter in my mailbox, the letter that Anne Sørvik has written to us, after 36 years at IDI. Anne is happy for the many interesting years at NTNU (36!) but she also regrets that she has worked too much when her boys were small and that she has always aimed at a perfection in her work that was not required. She is also afraid that her work has not always been appreciated.

I want to thank you Anne for everything I have learned from you, for the good cooperation during these years since I came as an exchange student almost 30 years ago, til we employed several professors and dozens of temporary staff in the last years.

I will miss you a lot. I think it was good you worked so hard, your sons and my sons and all the young people have to understand that we (and they!) have to work if you want to achieve something. And you have – on behalf of IDI – achieved a lot.

Fantastic #podcast @vg #reality can be more interesting than literature

[Uløst] Uløst (trailer) via @PodcastAddict

“I 1995 ble 17 år gamle Birgitte Tengs funnet drept på Karmøy. Ingen har blitt dømt for drapet. 20 år senere spør vi hva som gikk galt med etterforskningen. Vi forteller historiene fra menneskene som jobbet med saken og om to familier med hver sin versjon av sannheten”

.ps I listened to all episodes in one day

ICEC 2017 #Japan


See also our workshop Women and Computer Games at ICEC 2017

Dear colleagues,

The IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing 2017 (IFIP ICEC 2017) will be held at Tsukuba, Japan, September 19-21, 2017.

ICEC is the longest lasting scientific conference series in the area of Entertainment Computing. It brings together practitioners, researchers, artists working on the design, creation, development, use, application and evaluation of digital content and systems for inducing entertainment in respective consumers.

The conference series aims at presenting high quality scientific results spanning from theory to applications, use cases and experiments. We encourage submission of papers, posters, demos, tutorial and workshop proposals on all topics related to original research in digital entertainment, including but not limited to:

– Digital Games and Interactive Entertainment

– Digital Entertainment for Quality of Life

– Design and Analysis

– Interactive Art, Performance and Cultural Computing

– Entertainment Devices, Platforms & Systems

– Theoretical Foundations and Ethical Issues

– Entertainment for Purpose & Persuasion

– Computational Methodologies for Entertainment

For the full Call for Papers as well as additional information on venue and keynotes, please visit our website:


Full and Short technical, contents, survey papers: April 10th, 2017 Poster papers: April 10th, 2017


Tokyo Game Show 2017 September 23-24th, 2017



R&D in the Video Game Industry

Driancourt Remi, Miyake Yoichiro

Advanced Technology Division, Square Enix Co., Ltd

We are proud to have a keynote speech by the Advanced Technology Division of Square Enix Co., Ltd. on the topic of “R&D in the video game industry”.

In recent years, the virtual space of digital games has gradually become “bigger”, “more dynamic”, and “more realistic”. As a result of this evolution, there has also been a steady increase in the complexity of the technology necessary to create AAA titles, as well as the cost of development. Consequently, it has become a necessity for top video game companies such as Square Enix to invest in Research and Development.

The Advanced Technology Division represents Square Enix’s efforts at the forefront of research and development in the fields of rendering, animation, simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, networking, workflow, virtual reality (VR) and sound. The mandate of the division is to confront the complex issues of the game development process by working with a focus on and beyond the state of the art in game content and technology.

During this keynote, the challenges and benefits of pursuing R&D within the constraints of game productions will be presented. The possibilities for future academic and industry collaboration will be also discussed.

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