Al tocco si mangia

Je ne puis pas donner la réalité des faits, je n’en puis présenter que l’ombre – Stendhal

Al tocco si mangia. Sulla tavola i portatovaglioli di argento, il fiasco del vino, l’oliera, la formaggera, la bottiglia dell’acqua. Le portate sono squisite. Ogni volta che la cipolla sfrigge, penso alla Gina. La Gina inizia a cucinare alle 8. Prima di cucinare la Gina spenna il pollo, toglie la terra dagli ortaggi che ha portato il contadino. A volte lo ammazza proprio il pollo o la gallina, quello non riesco mai a guardarlo, ma so che usa il cassetto del tavolo di cucina come ghigliottina.

Mentre la Gina e’ in azione, arriva Olimpia. Il suo compito e’ di portare il giornale al nonno, arrostire il pane, sempre per il nonno, apparecchiare con la marmellata, il burro. Quando il nonno va via per andare in concia, Olimpia continua a vagare per casa, ma il suo momento aureo e’ finito e senza il nonno, Olimpia sta tra i piedi alle altre. La Candida fa le pulizie pesanti. Ogni giorno i letti vengono sfatti e rifatti, i pavimenti spazzati e lavati. Non c’e’ oggetto che non venga spostato, strofinato, lucidato.

Quando le pentole iniziano a scoppiettare noi bambini giriamo intorno alla Gina. Lei ci chiama i gatti e ci allunga fette di pane intinte nel sugo.

Prima di pranzo arriva il nonno. Va in cantina, che e’ una stanza in giardino, a distanza di anni mi sembra ancora strano che le cantine siano sotto le case e non stanze in giardino. Il nonno infiasca il vino e ci sono gli ultimi preparativi, chi porta il pane, chi l’acqua, chi sbaglia qualcosa e si becca uno sculaccione o uno schiaffo. Noi cugini si mangia e alcuni di noi inziamo a bere prestissimo, tipo a quattro anni, e ridiamo e mangiamo con un’ilarita’ e una soddisfazione che solo talvolta finisce in lacrime perche’ ridiamo troppo e i grandi non ci sopportano piu’.

La Gina mangia in cucina e a un certo punto ritorna la Candida che si mette a pulire tutto quel pentolame che la Gina ha sporcato. La Gina si merita una partita a briscola o scopa con la nonna. Le carte stanno in uno sportellino della stufa che la Gina chiama il suo ufficio.

Dopo la partita a carte la Gina va via. La casa si ferma un paio di ore ma verso le 7 arriva Bettina, Bettina apparecchia la tavola per la sera. La sera il nonno vuole sempre la minestra e ci sono sempre gli affettati e la ricotta. Qualcuno la vuole con lo zucchero qualcuno col sale. Dopo cena Bettina sparecchia e qualche volta gioca a carte con la nonna.


At one o’clock we eat. On the table the silver napkin rings, the wine flask, the oil bottle, the parmigiano cheese, the water bottle. The dishes are delicious. Every time the onion sizzles, I think of Gina. Gina starts cooking at 8. Before cooking Gina prepares the chicken, she removes the soil from the vegetables that the farmer brought. Sometimes she even kills the chicken. I can never look at this, but I know she uses the kitchen table drawer as a guillotine.

While Gina is in action, Olimpia arrives. Her job is to bring the newspaper to my grandfather, roast the bread, again for our grandfather, set the table with jam, butter. When the grandfather goes out to go into the tanning, Olimpia continues to wander around the house, but her golden moment is over and without our grandfather, Olimpia become superfluos and almost unwanted. Candida does heavy cleaning. Every day the beds are unmade and redone, the floors swept and washed. There is no object that is not moved, rubbed, polished.

When the pots start popping, we children walk around Gina. She calls us cats and gives us slices of bread dipped in sauce.

Our Grandfather arrives before lunch. He goes to the cellar, which is a room in the garden, years later it still seems strange to me that the cellars are under the houses and not rooms in the garden. Our grandfather brings the wine from the cellar and there are the last preparations, someone who bring the bread, someone the water, someone makes a mistake and get a spanking or a slap. We cousins ​​eat and some of us begin to drink very early, like four years old, and we laugh and eat with a hilarity and a satisfaction that only sometimes ends in tears because we laugh too much and the adults cannot stand us anymore.

Gina eats in the kitchen and at a certain point Candida returns and she begins to clean all the cookware that Gina has soiled. Gina deserves a game of cards with our grandmother. The cards are in a stove door that Gina calls her office.

After the card game, Gina leaves. The house stops a couple of hours but around 7 Bettina arrives, Bettina sets the table for the evening. In the evening our grandfather always wants the soup and there are always cold cuts and ricotta. Someone wants ricotta with sugar someone with salt. After dinner, Bettina clears and sometimes plays cards with our grandmother.


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IMG_22732063940_a808f1ff_1_1_36DD55VRP.jpgIDUN – from PhD to professor
At NTNU’s Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, only 13% of the professors are women. This is partly due to the fact that it is educated too few women at the master level and partly that many women fall out of the career ladder.

In the IDUN project we will address three different issues to improve gender equality read more
Do you want to work with us in the IDUN project? Apply for this position as coordinator

The project takes its name from Idun Reiten, first female professor at IE NTNU

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As one gets older, the conversations address more and more the theme of getting older. I am blessed with a good memory. my first memories go back to November 1966 when I was not even 2 years. I graduated when I was 22 years and 360 days. I have now worked for more than 30 years. I do not feel particulary clever nor brave. I am in fact afraid of many things, I am afraid when I think something negative can happen to my sons, to my family, to the planet.
I am not afraid of becoming old. I enjoy when young people become more clever than me and if I feel a wave of gelosy or nostalgy I try to convince me that I have to be happy.
I am not afraid to look older, I do not criticize those who try with all possible tools to remain younger, I am in fact a proud co-founder of faceboost and I struggle with the weight scale, the running, the training to stay under 60 Kg.
However I do not care about my own wrinkles and white hair. In fact I think I have too few white hair. I have been laughing a lot in life, I am blessed with good sense of humor, too. For the future, I wish to laugh even more, criticize less, and say more no.


#Customer #Driven Project #call for customers

Dear potential customers,

Department of Computer Science (IDI) at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) invites customers (you) to submit assignment proposals for the students to work with in the course ‘Customer driven project’ (TDT4290) for the coming fall.

The students taking the course are 4th year students at our Master’s Programme in Computer Science.

The course is regarded as one of the most important at IDI and plays a key role in giving students practical and realistic experience in working with IT projects.

The proposed assignment from a customer will represent task/problems that requires a certain amount of software development and will be the starting point for a project for one student group. In the process, the groups will go through all the stages of making a prototype and a project report. This implies that the main focus of the project work will be on the early software development stages and management. Each group will have weekly meetings with one or more advisor from IDI, there will also be regular meetings with the corresponding customer.

The final project report will typically be 50 pages long.

For more information about the course and earlier assignments, please have a look at the course web page.

For the customer this is a great opportunity to get various problems/issues and software-solutions analyzed and partially implemented.

This process, including requirement specification, will be performed through a collaboration between the student groups and the corresponding customers.

Thus the expected workload for each customer will be around 4 half-day meetings, plus reading through generated documentation and answering questions from students.

Now we wish to receive as many assignment proposals as possible from customers (you), both previous and new participants. We are also open to discussions related to any (potential) assignments.

The assignment description that we want to receive from you must be in English. The main assignment text should preferably be between a half and one page in length, attachments with e.g. more details might also be included.

Submitting assignment proposals is to be done through the EasyChair system:
NB! You have to log in as an author to make a submission.

We expect to have around 100 students taking the course this year. With group sizes of 6-8 students we will need about 12-15 assignments in total.

The intended workload for each assignment should be approximately 15ECTS, that makes 50% of the workload for each student in the semester.

The course/projects will this year start on 27th of August and last until 21nd of November. These dates are the “kick-off” day and final presentation day, respectively.

It is thus important that the customers will be able to participate on these days, implying having at least one representative present at NTNU in Trondheim!

Current time schedule for the year 2019:

31 May:

Deadline for submitting proposals from customers.

15 June:

Selection of customer-driven projects.

27 August:

Project start (kick-off) with customers, students and advisors.

27 August – 21 November:

Weekly meetings between student groups and (internal) advisors.

Regular meetings and communication between customers and student groups.

21 November:

Final presentation day and demonstration of the project results.

Customers and censors are present.

Team from 2018. This year prof. Jon Atle Gulla will be professor in the course

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“Ma il primo grande viaggio lascia nei giovani, di qualunque levatura e sensibilità, un dissidio che le abitudini non possono comporre; precisa l’idea degli oceani, dei porti, dei distacchi”. Mario Soldati, America primo Amore
Come vedrei l’Italia, la Toscana, Pisa, Barbaricina se un giorno di Aprile di 30 anni fa non avessi intrapreso il mio viaggio? Oggi tutto mi sembra bello.

#Hesthagen #Høyskoleparken #NTNU

I disagree with the plans of building in Hesthagen and in the park. I share the ambitions goals of attracting talents and companies to NTNU, I have been working for this goal for many years and I do not intend to give up. However, we can achieve ambitious goals in other ways than building. My professor Reidar Conradi used to say “the industry is our lab”. I say “the world is our lab”. We do not need to build in order to study, change, experiment. However I respect democracy and I respect and admire Monica R. and the rest of the NTNU leadership. So let us do the best out of the decisions that have been taken and let us struggle for our ideas.

.ps I do not want cars in Hesthagen and I want Elgeseter gaten under the ground. Is this so difficult? In Torino we have had streets under ground for decades, and in Tromsø as well.


#25april #1989 #Potteelefanten #nth #30 #years in #Norway

25. April 1989 for første gang i Norge. Flybilletten koster en million og firehundretusen lire. Reisen består av 4 flyreiser og 5 flyplasser: Pisa, Milano, Copenhagen, Oslo Fornebu, Trondheim. Jeg har ikke engang et bilde av de seks dagene men jeg kan rekonstruere det meste ved hjelp av min hukommelse og min dagbok. Even Andre’ med skinnende lær slippers som roper Letizia når jeg kommer inn i Elektro, Reidar Conradi i en stripet blå skjorte, guttene som programmerer for kundestyrt prosjektet når jeg kommer onsdag morgen til Gløshaugen, kledd som en italiener i 80-tallet, med en blomstret skjorte, miniskjørt, øyne med mascara. Jeg elsker Elektro fra første stund.
Jeg forstår lite engelsk og de norske bokstaver  æ ø å virker rare. Men følgende søndag er jeg i Estenstamarka og går uten maskare. Jeg sover på sofa i Erling Skakkes Gate under et skjelett, jeg eier en oransje bok for å lære norsk og jeg øver med aksent i “bønder” og “bønner”. På søndagsmiddag Guttorm lager meksikanske gryten, den kulinariske revolusjonen har ikke startet, gjenstene er Andreas Oppdahl og Torulf Møllestad. Jeg leser Knulp av Herman Hesse på italiensk. Et av mine første ord på norsk er Potteelefanten.


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today we visited the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace. The latter has an area of 297 ha (2.970.000 m² ) . Think that Versailles has an area of 67.000 m² – everything here is 100 times more. My pictures are not so spectacular but my colleagues have taken amazing picts. Tomorrow is the last day then we fligh back. The guide was excellent, she explained everything about the different dinasties, the wars, even Marco Polo. Yes, think he came here from Italy in 1200. And she explained that a 80 m² apartment 20 Km from the center costs 800.000 Euro. China is very different from how the people in Europe think it is.



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