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Italy chooses Giuseppe Conte, professor with excellent cv (as it is said in the Italian press) and no political experience as Prime Minister. This would never happen in Norway, professors have – as far as I experience – little power and influence. We are not even asked to sit in the board of small or bigger companies.  According to google scholar Conte has 3000 citations, it would be average for a professor in my field, but I am not qualified to evaluate the cv of a professor of law. Let us hope he does a good job. I am not qualified either to explain (or understand) Cinque Stelle + Lega Nord.

happy mother day & stop judging mothers

Today in Italy is Mother Day. I have never celebrated since in Norway it is in another day. My reflection about Mother Day is that women (and me first or may be should I see me last) have a lot to achieve. Yesterday Pisa celebrated the first woman professor in Science at Scuola Normale Superiore after 208 years. As many of you know I have been working a lot to promote computer science and research among young ladies.

However,  the road is still long. It is not so difficult to study computer science or to have a career. What is difficult is to be a mother, or just a human being, without being accused of being the cause of all problems arising around you. The son of Gro Harlem Brundtland took suicide. Is it Gro’s fault as a working mother? I really believe not. I must admit it took a lot of time and effort and help of fantastic women I have as friends to come to this conclusion. The daughter of a slim woman gets anorexia. Other women judge it, it must be the falut of the mother? No, can it be genetic? Can it be the environment? The children of women scientists are doomed to do very well in school, otherwise the fault has to be found in the pressure generated by parents and expecially the working the mother.

Not least, I was telling to a friend who is a feminist and left wind about one of my friends being homosexual, and she asked “how is his mother?”.

STOP! Stop blaming mothers. We need a lot of courage to be mothers and love our children and our self. Please do not judge us.

happy mother day

#Thieves of my time, #Tappetina #Empathy #happy weekend

I have removed facebook, instagram and messanger from the phone. The telephone needed memory and I get this inspiration of removing the three thieves of  my time. if you need to contact me urgently use sms, whatsup, call me. If it is not urgent, I will answer from the PC. I wish all peaceful and nice weekend. I plan to read a PhD thesis, play Tappetina Empathy with friends, go to 3T, and read. Looking forward.


EiT 2018

EiT 2018

  • Group 2 worked on a challenge given by Espen Aamot Pettersen.
  • Group 1 worked on the Tappetina challenge given by me and Javier Gomez – see the video below.
  • Group 3 worked on the Sudan Knowledge challenge for Haitham Mohamed Uthman.

Thanks to customers Espen, Javier, Haitham, to all students, Ilias, and to Kshitij Sharma for the interesting presentation about Tappetina Empathy.

Thanks NTNU for giving us EiT and making us into social innovators and changers. Thanks to Espen Aamot Pettersen for his engagement, I will also help him, I will fly from Ghana if he calls me. Thanks NTNU for employing Letizia Jaccheri and Ilias Pappas.” This is the nicest sentence I have heard in my working life. Thanks Kwaku Peprah

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