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Norwegian minister Sylvi Listhaug had to go because she wrote a racist post on facebook (made it simple).

I am proud to be a computer scientist and that computer scientists have invented and promoted social media as Social Media are a tool to understand better people behavior and what it is going on. Social media, like penicillin and other positive remedia, one has to learn how to use them and how to improve them.
I have seen so many rasistic posts during the years and I have been silent, but now I report to facebook all of the rasist posts I see and in fact facebook removes them.

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Continuo a leggere e a ascoltare gli audiolibri ma non ho l’ispirazione per scrivere le recensioni. Di questi tre ultimi che ho letto (la Sanchez ascoltato) consiglio l’Arminuta, che e’ bello e inaspettato. Anche se e’ un Campiello non ci speravo che mi piacesse cosi’. Siamo tutte un po’ arminute, andate e ritornate, scritto bene e poetico. La Sanchez si ascolta volentieri ma certo non e’ un libro che ti resta. Il libro di LInda non so se e’ tradotto in italiano, non credo, non vale granche’ la pena.


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Nelle elezioni, come nella vita, l’importante non e’ vincere, ma capire, partecipare e avere rispetto. La Norvegia non e’ il Paradiso, anche qui si fanno tanti errori e la gente a volte si lamenta del vicino, del capo, dell’amministratore di condominio, del presidente del consiglio. Ma qui c’e’ una fiducia di fondo che tutti dovremmo coltivare perche’ senza fiducia non va da nessuna parte ne’ chi guida ne’ chi e’ guidato.

Anche io a volte mi lamento, spettegolo come una piccola Tappetina, ma bisogna smettere di lamentarsi, rimboccarsi le maniche e pensare al futuro. Votate italiani e abbiate fiducia, che siate cattolici, musulmani o atei, nati in Italia, cervelli in fuga, nati su un barcone, sempre personcine siamo, e i piu’ sono brave persone che meritano il meglio dalla vita.


In elections, as in life, the important thing is not to win, but to understand, participate and have respect. Norway is not Paradise, here many mistakes are made as well and people complain about the neighbor, the boss, the administrator, the prime minister. But here there is a basic trust that we should all cultivate because without trust nothing positive can happen. I sometimes complain, gossip like a little lady, but we must stop complaining, work and think about the future. Vote Italian people and trust, whether you are Catholic, Muslim or atheist, born in Italy, expat,  born on a boat in the Mediterran, we are always people, and most people are good ones who deserve the best from life.

.ps you will say I am naif, I want to be simple and naif.

IDC Workshop: Sustaining Girls’ Participation in STEM, Gaming and Making @ntnu @IDC_ACM #idc2018 #Trondheim #Norway

The workshop “Sustaining Girls’ Participation in STEM, gaming and Making” brings together researchers, educators, designers and practitioners in IDC to explore how we can shape and create (learning) environments and tools to sustainably engage girls of diverse backgrounds and all ages in STEM, gaming and Making.

Participants will share their experience with relevant initiatives, identify challenges and discuss empirical outcomes and novel designs to build up and strengthen the international community of interest in gender and inclusivity in IDC related to the following questions

  • How can we sustain participation of girls of diverse backgrounds in STEM, gaming and making?
  • How can we better involve the children’s social environment (parents, teachers, peers, etc.)?
  • How can we raise awareness for intersectionality of gender with other dimensions such as race and class among researchers and designers of digital tools and toys for children?

We invite participants to submit position papers (2-4 pages in SIGCH Extended Abstract Format) that report on their research, experience, (local) initiatives and/or designs for supporting gender and inclusivity in STEM, gaming and/or Making.

Position papers should be submitted by 15th April 2018 via email to idc2018girls@gmail.com. Submissions will be reviewed by workshop organizers and selected based on their contribution and how they fit to the workshop’s theme and goals. We encourage participants to report on non-successful initiatives and research we can learn from.

Accepted submissions and practical information will be available at the workshop’s webpage: http: //idc2018girls.wordpress.com/submissions.

It is required that at least one author of each accepted position paper attends the workshop and all participants must register for both the workshop and the main conference.

Questions? Please email us idc2018girls@gmail.com


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2018-02-22 09.23.12.jpg
It is a privilege to be able to work from home, standing at the kitchen and concentrate on a technical report reflecting the work of so many engaged and intelligent people. Still 70 of 86 pages to revise. Writing and revising is like running, if you stop, you are lost. Chi si ferma e’ perduto come diceva il mi’ babbo.

Invitation to IPIT INTPART project dissemination meeting


Dear Colleagues,

International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research in Information Technology (IPIT)
is a NFR-funded project at IDI, with a main objective to develop a highly visible international consortium, composed from world’s leading institutions in the area, in order to share best practices and to build and strengthen academic cooperation in Information Technology (IT). Our international collaborators are  Tsinghua University (China), and Nanjing University (China) and one US University (to be announced during the meeting).

We will also announce fellowships for students for travelling abroad.

You’re cordially invited to our dissemination meeting scheduled on March 5, kl16:00-18:00 at Gløshaugen R7. Please register at https://ipit.network/.  The meeting agenda is attached. It will be greatly appreciated if you would help spread the information to your students. Please contact Fufen Jin Fufen.jin@ntnu.no if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Fufen, on behalf of IPIT team

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A Seul noi vecchietti ci siamo gia’ stati. I giochi della XXIV Olimpiade si sono svolti a Seul in Corea del Sud da sabato 17 settembre a domenica 2 ottobre 1988. Io lavoravo in tecsiel e si programmava allegramente e ci si collegava con ITAPAC sul sito delle Olimpiadi per vedere i risultati. Chi se ne ricorda? Non ci giurerei che fosse ITAPAC, non era Internet era un altro protocollo, noi si diceva proto’ollo.

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