the pandemic and I – I feel like the three Good Fairies in Sleeping Beauty

one year has passed since January 2020. In one month, I went to Zurich, Bruxel, and Tromsø. It happens I wake up at night and I think – ohh so nice there is no taxi waiting for me to take me to the 06.00 flight to Amsterdam. My private life is going well. In private life, I like more and more to read and swim, to take care of the dog and the plants. and not least the family. I miss Pisa and the family there, but I have not been living in Pisa since 1989 and I am used to be far away.

The real trouble is the work. While I read about people enjoying the home (or cottage) office, I get all warm inside me. Do not misunderstand me, I also enjoy to wake up a bit later without a taxi waiting for me at 04.20, but where I am supposed to take inspiration from? As I told to a friend who was positively speaking about digital meetings and the nice colored post it notes that you can move around in miro or other tools – does it mean that all our travels, our struggling with jet leg, our struggling to get grants which should finance our travels, our meetings, our conferences were not useful? Because if we are saying that home office and zoom, and some post it notes, are doing the same effect as our travels, our meetings, our international flights, then we have really lost a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of CO2.

Personally I feel like the three Good Fairies in Sleeping Beauty, without travelling, without meeting all the smart people, I feel I have lost my magic.

Nobody knows about the future. Somebody says “I live day by day”. In my work I cannot live day by day. A course lasts 15 weeks and I do not know when we will meet the students. A project lasts typically 3 years. The money that should have financed travels to the different continents and from different countries to Norway are in the accounts. A former department head told me that unused money is undone work. I ask my self what we are doing, if we are working or if we are at staying at home.

What is sure that tomorrow I will go to my office. Let us try to find some magic…

Do you know the difference between IPHONE and smart phone? @ntnu @norge @norway #android #learningapp is only for people who own an Apple device.

There are now 2.5 billion active Android devices (including my) and almost 4 billion people without internet. Are you sure you want to share on clubhouse?

in the experts in team village I lead, one group is designing a learning app for people with poor internet connection.

I am afraid that many people in Norway do not know the difference between iPhone and smart phone. Do you?

DO NOT share on CLUBHOUSE! share to those who need your knowledge

please pay attention

PLEASE LET US NOT WORK WHILE OTHER PEOPLE TALK TO YOU – 4 weeks into another digital semester, and almost 12 months after digital area start, I want to bring attention on one single point, attention. Personally it makes me sick to talk and see in the eyes of the people and in the position of their hands that they are working at something else. I confess that I do the same sometimes. But let us try not to. I experience that my students ask me about the same that I have just said and shown in my slides, or even worst, both students and assistants who criticize me for non being able to communicate and inform.

In the software development community we have been cooperating digitally for decades. Let us not feel pity of each other, rather pay attention to each other. One practical suggestion is to keep one hand at your face so you show to the other ones that you are not typing. And the question is “what are we typing?” “why are we typing?” may be we should type emails to each other rather than talking and listening if we are not able to do so. Happy weekend everybody

Interview digital education (in Norwegian) I was interviewed (2 minutes) about my experience with digital education (in Norwegian with an accent) – the message is about all I believe in my work, very simple, that research and education should go hand in hand, that Experts in Team is important, that the university should be more connected to the world (universe) than to local issues

my wishes for 2021

I made this picture for the background of my zoom. It is my wish for 2021, I wish attention, I wish to give attention and to get. I have been lucky in the pandemic. With a big apartment, good health, work and salary, I cannot complain. I cannot complain but I have cried my tears when I sit in meetings, I try to communicate, sometimes, I try to communicate the work of my years, and on the other side, the person switches the camera off. And then when the person starts to talk again, it is clear the person has not listened. I have done it as well. Sometimes, a message that pops up takes my attention from the person who speaks. For this I apologize, first to my self. I promise I will listen, I promise I will remind at the beginning of each lecture and meeting, pay attention and you will get attention. Without attention, not even plants grow. Happy new year.
.ps just reuse my background if you like it. .pps how do I mirror the background picture in Teams? I do not manage

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