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First, remember that if I made it, you can make it. I went to Catholic kindergarden and the role models were the nuns and the Saints. I did not have very good marks, I would never have entered Computer Science at NTNU with the marks I had in high school (50/60). But I get very good marks at the admission exam at Politecnico di Torino because I was motivated to enter that PhD program. And I met some good role models on my way.

  • presentation for the PhD-party today
  • info about PHD and integrated PhD at IE Faculty
  • info about open positions at IDI
  • info about a my activities:
    • project that will soon open a position about research in security & children
    • example of theses and themes I currently supervise and I have supervisedphd-day.jpg

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Yesterday I was reading Sorgenfri gatemagasinet and, looking at the picture of Mia Landsem, I thought – we should do something to help her, and not least to help the people Mia is helping. Mia is a super Tappetina!
Today I get a telephone call. The project sikkerhetsløypa is approved.

Project title: SikkerhetsLøypa
Main applicant/project leader: Letizia Jaccheri, IDI Department of Computer Science, NTNU
Deepti Mishra, IDI Department of Computer Science, NTNU
Siv Hilde Houmb, CTO, Secure-NOK AS & Associate Professor Adjunct, Norwegian Information Security laboratory NTNU
Aida Omerovic , Research scientist, ICT department , SINTEF

Children and young people spend numerous hours on the Internet daily. While online, they meet a great number of opportunities as well as risks. Our objective is to develop and offer playful solutions for empowering children and young people with creative and critical digital skills, in an engaging and motivating way. The project is highly inter-disciplinary and spans across the fields of information security, user experience and educational science. SikkerhetsLøypa will build on the success of Kodeløypa ( one of the scientific offers for children at NTNU) and focus on how to teach a new generation of online users to avoid risks in the internet, at the same time as learning how to explore the online opportunities.
The project will last for four years. Our ambition is to create profitable new products and services by gamifying education on online opportunities and risks. This is expected to strengthen the publishing and e-learning industry in Norway in their capability to develop and offer products and services which are competitive nationally and internationally.
The project will create playful solutions for empowering children and young people with creative and critical digital skills, in an engaging and motivating way, by innovating gaming technologies in cooperation with the publishing, gaming and e-learning industry. Our objective is to create profitable new products and services by gamifying education on online opportunities and risks.
In the project we argue that crucial digital competence is the capability of making the right balance between online opportunity and online risk. The real challenge for digital children today is to employ this right balance in various online contexts. The overall novelty is gamification of digital empowerment of children and young people, and more specifically: serious gaming approach to user-centered and adaptive training in cyber security risks and online opportunities. The key challenge is to innovate these new products and services in a way that makes them attractive, fun and educative, so the kids actually want to use them.

Project Kretek is also approved. An happy day for a professor.


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Professor Dag Dag Svanæs turns 60 tomorrow and we celebrated today. Professor with tale.  When he said to us “you are my extended family”, some tears came out of my eyes. In spite of all the books, the leadership courses, we are still like students who mix work and life. If I had a tale, it would have reacted properly to the feelings I had during Dag’s short speech. Professor with tale, professor with feelings. Happy birthday Dag.

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Trovo meraviglioso che San Remo faccia parlare di politica perche’ l’arte non e’ per abbellire ma per commentare la vita e far intravedere alle persone prospettive diverse.
Trovo coraggioso che Loredana Berte’ a 70 anni canti in minigonna con i capelli blu, una vera superanta. Quando ero piccola io, le settantenni se erano vive, erano vecchie decrepite e emarginate. Nel passaggio da giovane donna a donna non piu’ giovane distinguo e combatto i messaggi “fatti da parte, ti abbiamo sopportata donna giovane, ora stai diventando vecchia”. Ognuna combatte come puo’, coi capelli blu, con la penna, le parole, la spada, i soldi. Ah a i soldi, bravo Mahmood, ti diranno che hai vinto perche’ sei egiziano, non ti preoccupare, a me dicevano che ero diventata professore perche’ sono una donna.

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Me li ha consigliati il Kindle. Il primo, di Chiara Gamberale non mi aspettavo niente invece e’ bellino, scritto bene, intelligente, ti mette anche ti buon umore.
Il secondo di Silvia Tesio, un bell’inizio, mi ha ammaliata Torino e Porta Nuova. Poi orrendo, triste, una disgrazia dopo l’altra, droga, alcol, disamore. Unico messaggio positivo, il coraggio di essere transgender, ma anche li’ legato alla prostituzione, brutto libro. Che messaggio voleva dare la Tesio?

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I participated to Jenter og Teknologi 2019.  I listened and talked to smart PhD and master students in  space physics, chemistry, geology, gender studies, and not least computer science. I also talked a lot to a teacher from a local high school. I think here everything  is beautiful and everybody I have met is kind and smart. The representant from the IT sector Ragnhild Varmedal very inspiring.  thanks for the day! The representant from the informatics students told that there are only two girls in her class. We have to find out why and how to improve.

cool to have a badge written in Nynorsk, Sami, English.

Jentekonferansen – NTNU here


Best Practices in Education Award, Informatics Europe

I have said yes to chair the committee for European Best Practices in Education Award.
This year the focus will be: Inclusive education. Informatics education targeting students such as the elderly, immigrants, or disabled people. This can cover a variety of initiatives going from robotics to e-accessibility techniques.
If you have suggestions contact me by email. If you wonder why I work on a Sunday morning and I say yes to initiatives like this, the answer is NOT that I want to improve my CV. I want to learn new things and work with good people and I have a hope to give a microscopic contribution to the world. This is my unstrategic strategy.
I have started to understand that we have used a lot of energy to convince the best students to study Informatics and to make the best ones even better. It could not be more timely to look at initiatives like this Award that try to identify who is struggling to include those whom we have not considered the best ones. Let’s go.

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mi sono arrabattata per cercare di far funzionare il VPN e il chrome cast allo stesso tempo e vedo che non mi riesce. Prima usavo Hola ma a un certo punto ha smesso di funzionare. ExtressVPN non funziona sul mio PC. Funziona sul cellulare ma quando provo a fare cast, il cellulare crede di essere a Milano, non in Osloveien 6 sulla rete casamagia, e quindi non parla col Chrome cast. Di solito queste funzioni tecniche spettano a me, ma ieri prova Geir col suo iphone, prima ancora di provare dice, “su iphone funziona tutto”. “buuuu” dico io, perche’ non funziona nemmeno su iphone.
Faccio una pausa dall’arrabattarmi e penso che e’ un problema politico. Perche’ la RAI non trasmette all’estero? Non sarebbe una cosa positiva divulgare la lingua e la cultura italiana?
Illuminatemi. che vpn uso? mi ci vuole il cavo?

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