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This is the new government of Norway, ten women and ten men. You can say that they are too blond and too white and too conservative. We will see what they achieve in the next years. The minister of research, 8th from left Iselin Nybø, in her second day as minister, communicated today that NTNU will get new buildings for 92 000 square meters at Gløshaugen. Since IDI is responsible for 10.000 square meters, I can imaginate what it means. Gløshaugen is one of the places in the world where I will always feel at home and grateful. I am very grateful for the art and music building that will be built. I hope I will experience it, even if it will be the end of my career when it will be ready.


I have not written about books since 6th November. I have read little as I used a lot of free time for Tappetina.  However, I tried to re-read “La Storia” Elsa Morante, as I was in the spiral of Bassani and Ginzburg and the audible app was suggesting it to me. But it was simply too sad.

In the meanwhile I have read

  • La figlia oscura (Ferrante) not liked – very disappointing after the quadrilogy
  • The artist way (I should have read 20 years ago, now a bit boring)
  • Kvinner før Jul (a bit shallow book but ok for Christmas vacation)
  • Anything is possible – a bit disappointing after Lucy Barton
  • The curious accident … Very good book


2 gennaio 1990

Il 2 gennaio 1990 morivano Augusto, Nicola e Giovanni. Avevano 25 anni e io li conoscevo da sempre. Eravamo stati insieme in paesi stranieri e in luoghi vicini, avevamo riso, guidato moto, barche e tanti mezzi di trasporto strani e buffi. Ci eravamo amati senza sapere granche’ della vita, come si amano gli adolescenti e i ragazzi giovani. Eravamo negli anni 80.
Dopo il funerale tornai subito a Trondheim. C’e’ qualcosa nella luce sbilenca, nel ghiaccio che si posa sempre nei soliti posti sulla collina che porta all’universita’ che mi ricorda come mi sono sempre sentita. Un po’ in colpa, un po’ coraggiosa e spiccia, non curante delle piccole cose, ma anche ansiosa che qualcosa di terribile forse sta per succedere e ti porta via la gioventu’ e le risate. RIP Augusto Nicola e Giovanni – Non si deve aver paura. .ps nella foto dove arrivo alla gara di atletica che peso sicuramente 38 Kg, a me quel ragazzo in tuta sembra Augusto giovanissimo, forse in quarta ginnasio, ma non me lo ha confermato nessuno.

2018 #allegria #funny #morsomt

Ho appena fatto gli auguri a una cara amica e mi e’ uscito dalla tastiera: “bisogna essere matti allegri, visto che normali non lo saremo mai”. Auguro a tutti un anno in allegria.
.ps lo so che l’ha gia’ detto Mike Bongiorno ma i piu’ non erano ancora nati

I wish everybody a funny year – Jeg ønsker alle et morsomt år


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It is so good to have vacation because I can finally work at #Tappetina

  • I have played in the story as an audiobook with synthetic voice
  • I have rewritten the whole story and organized it in four scenes and played fragments of the story with my voice (in English, not very beautiful accent, but may be better than the synthetic one?)
  • I have specified the first prototype of the game
  • Reorganized the website a bit  and colored some of the drawings made by Irene

Give me feedback thanks


Art and Software for All

Presentation for the Department of Computer Science HiOA 20.12.2017 

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