Presentations in 2021 @ntnu @DION_NTNU @elenacuoco @polito @Ivica_Crnkovic @unupi

While preparing my first presentation in 2022, I count that in 2021 I gave the following presentations (13)

March PhD Day NTNU

March DION – TEKNA (video)

March for COST Action g2net (action chair Elena Cuoco)

March Politecnico di Torino (see slides below)

June Nordic Edge

September WASP DIG Workshop

October StartupMigrants

November 1) NAV, 2) NIKT (slides)

December 1) ICSOB; 2) Universita’ di Pisa 3) Nepal (see below) 4) India (iSES 2021)

Some material below:

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