Dear all mentees in the IDUN project

This morning I felt I wanted to send you a hope message.

For the time being I am working a lot with the COST action EUGAIN and trying to supervise PhD and master students in the https://sbs.idi.ntnu.no/ Software For A Better Society group.

We work with the bid to bring ACM Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourage https://womencourage.acm.org/2021/ to Trondheim in 2023.

Otherwise I try to do all the other duties in a decent way and find time to read and exercise and I listen to the podcast https://janegoodall.ca/the-hopecast-jane-goodalls-podcast/ which in fact gives me hope that it is possible to combine science with empathy and hope.

Have an happy week and we will meet soon! Letizia

.ps if you do not want to receive these messages just let me know, it will be ok. If you want to give me feedback/advice about the IDUN or other issues, you can book a coffee meeting with me, you see my calendar, I will find time to listen to smart people 😊

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