Tappetina thinks of all her friends


Today I start the day by restructuring a bit my books page in the blog. While I use my time to write research applications that hopefully will give me a meaninful working decade ahead with interesting projects and motivated students, my heart and dreams are on writing, literature, and Tappetina

I propose the last version of Tappetina that has been remade, by a master student, Andrea Lavazza, supervised by Marikken Høiseth and I. The drawings are by Irene Dominguez. I think of all the students and friends who have helped with different Tappetina project. Thanks to all and may be Tappetina will be back.

By the way, everything is available on Tappetina web side: http://www.tappetina.com – borrow and go ahead if you like, I am sure you will not forget to acknowledge. Should you cite Tappetina as a paper, see

Gomez, J., Jaccheri, L., Maragoudakis, M., & Sharma, K. (2019). Digital storytelling for good with Tappetina game. ELSEVIER Journal Entertainment Computing.


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