The virtual does not protect us from life either

Today I have two board meetings and two project/department meetings. And a budget meeting. I should not sit here and write blog post. But I take 15 minutes. Recently I think often, “I have been working for 32 years”. Since I graduated 18.february 1988 I worked every day, with some few days of vacation. I had (and I have) in several periods two jobs, like being PhD student and teacher, being mum and professor, now professor in two universities, always with a couple of positions in boards of organizations, other departments, projects. And a million of mistakes. Each day I do mistakes and some mistakes  – sometimes – wake me up at 3 o’ clock at night. My main mistake I accuse my self for, is to mix life and work. However, I work hard to forgive my mistakes and for the biggest mistake – the mistake of mixing life and work – I can defend my self that being alive, with feelings, needs, rights, as every human being, I have to mix my own life with my own work. And being an human being sometimes I have to work very fast to supervise all the people I supervise and prepare for all the meetings.

Read this as you want. You may think that I want to impress with my achievements, or that I want to diminish myself with my mistakes. Read it as you want, look at me as you want, it is my life and my work.

By the way, academics, we are so privileged in this period, we have salary each month, and our biggest stress is to transform physical events into virtual ones, but you know what? The virtual does not protect us from life either. When we will be dead, some of us will become perfect, but only then and only for somebody.

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