Leader Meeting at the Faculty tomorrow

Almost each Wednesday there is a meeting at the IME faculty. All six department heads, dean Geir Øien, etc. More information about these meetings including all the minutes are available. I wished I had used more time in my 16 years at NTNU to learn about these initiatives. If anybody at IDI has questions about what is going on, ask me. It is also possible to join the meetings as an observer, if you ask me in advance.

Every third week, I am asked to give a status about IDI. This is the slide I will use tomorrow. The slide is inspired by a sentence of Eleanor Roosevelt, Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.I want to say that at IDI we concentrate on 1. ideas 2. events and 3. people. I also want to inform Geir Ø. (who is my boss) about my new office before he gets rumors about it.



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