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There is no woman among the 20 persons in Trondheim who earn most.
What does it mean?

Moreover, Therese Johaug results positive to Doping test; Bob Dyland get Nobel prize in literature

And most important, Italian Nobel Prize winner  Dario Fo is dead.

“Vi riempirete gli occhi di parole!” “E ogni sera con la sua mamma”. E a me si riempiono gli occhi di lacrime.

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inspired after meeting with Marius Thorvaldsen, Jone, and one of my heroes since late 90’s, Borgar Ljosland.

we discussed “la bellezza e’ negli occhi di chi la guarda”, education, research, innovation, young girls and technology, with our eyes toward gaming, Trondheim as a talent magnet and playful arena. Here the kodeløypa page and video



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ICEC has started. 59 persons showed up at IDI today for workshops and tutorials. We are looking forward for the real conference to start tomorrow at Royal Garden.
help us to document the conference on facebook, twitter, instagram, and not least …
in the real world. use hashtag #icec2015 and, in addition, if you like #trondheim #norway #ntnu #entertainmentcomputing etc. Do not forget to have fun! It is about entertainment.

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IDI’s kodeløypa has a stand at Maker Fair – in the tent 8C. Everybody is invited to visit both Friday 29.08 and Saturday 30.08 between 10 and 16 at Torvet in the center of Trondheim. I will be there right after 10 tomorrow. Looking forward. 

Kodeløype @makerfaire @trondheimmakers @ntnu @visittrondheim

My first working day tomorrow. I will start by looking at what the Kodeløype team has been doing. The blog looks beautiful and informative. Good Work!
NTNU (IDI) tilbyr kodeløype som en del av Realfagløypene fra høst 2014. Kodeløype participates to Trondheim Makerfaire.

Robots for the people

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As a child of the ’80s, I don’t think there was anything cooler than Transformers, MASK and few of the other TV series featuring some kind of robots. My problem, and I guess I wasn’t the only one, back then was access to robot kits. Yes, we had some building kits — of both plastic and metal with cogwheels, axles and rubber bands — but it didn’t quite get our creations to behave the way we hoped or imagined.

We at Trondheim Makers, an organization in Trondheim, Norway who works with the local Maker scene and Maker Faire Trondheim in August, have a little project that we are set to release — the super cheap and simple foam board Robot Kit.


Simply stated, it is a cheap, easy-to-build robot and easy-to-hack kit based on a four-legged, two-servo walking robot found in many variations on the Internet.


Given that our goal is to devise a simple…

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