#G7 #onlymen #feminism #networking #mentoring #rolemodels

There are only men at G7 finance ministers and central bank governors’ meeting. When I see pictures like this, I get full of shame. What did my generation do? Why did we not understand before how important gender equality is? Why do we give up leadership positions? Why do men, in some countries, still judge female politicians from the way they look rather the way they work? Somebody understood very early, but things are going slow. I am more and more motivated to work with gender issues in IT and in leadership. And I am more and more grateful to my role models. Today I want to mention Berit Moltu, whom I met 30 years ago and she was reading Simone de Beauvoir and she was participating to feminist meetings and has been a fantastic door opener for me to my network in Norway. Because I believe that networking and mentoring are the key to improve gender balance.


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