Diary of a today sad #professor #supervision

I have a question for my colleague supervisors (professors, researchers, etc.). Did you ever experience that your supervised students (master, phd) refer to the opinion of other professors (or researchers) as it was the big truth while they ignore what you are trying to say and contribute?
This happened to me often in the past and it still happens. In these cases, I feel smaller than the smallest one. I wonder if this technique is used by students toward several supervisors, if it is a technique or my own incompetence. I wonder if anyone has suggestions about how I can overcome these limitations or simply what to say or not say.
By the way, the 18.2.2018 it will be 30 years since I delivered my own master thesis (Ambienti di sviluppo: un modello concettuale per la rappresentazione di sistemi software). I still remember all my tears and struggles to write the thesis, not to talk of all tears for the theses of the supervised ones.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a today sad #professor #supervision”

  1. Sometimes it happens. I take them like comments from reviewers when we have submitted papers. I try to win the temptation to react by saying that I am right and they are wrong. If there is something to learn I am glad. I do no see this a source of embarassment.

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