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Yesterday, after two days at Hell (department head seminar) I slept a couple of hours afternoon siesta before attending Trondheim Playground. I am glad I am able to sleep during the day. At the event TECH, HUGS & ROCK’N ROLL @ DOKKHUSET I met many nice Trondheim based innovators. I met for first time Lars Iversen (new technoport leader).

I went with my friend Hilde Grethe Skaret and her community, she was nominated to the price of community builder of the year. She did not get the prize, which went to DIGS (Jaya Thomlison and CO).
I also exchange with Ingeborg Volan about NxtMedia. All in all an interesting evening, I get even more inspired to work for social innovation and to live and develop this town.

.ps the department head seminar was interesting but I do not know more about the process ahead than what it is written in the document that was written by the rector to the board before board meeting 25.08. More information to come.

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