La tela di Eva #Pescia @toscana @I__Love__Italy


Almost weekend and finally I blog with tag life a blogpost that I have been working with for a while. If you blog you should reblog. If you blog you should blog well and write and rewrite before you post. I choose to reblog about Eva and her blog
May be you think it is me as young girl? No it is not. Eva is one of my second cousins from the Guidi (Pescia ) branch of my family. When I turned 40 I get some interest in family history, but after facebook and the social media came I realize that it is better to focus on the members of the family who are alive. It is the best way of giving love to the death too isn’t it?
When I was born I was part of a big family. I had 2 great-grandparents, four granparents, and many many second cousins, uncles, great-uncles, and sisters and parents. Then it came a time I was feeling I did not have a big family anymore when for natural reasons the grand parents died and my father died a bit too early. Now I have again a big family with my many second cousins and cousins and not least, the new generation of sons, nephews, and small nephews both Italian and Norwegian ones.
What it is special with Eva that I met her when she was new born at the hospital in Pisa and then I saw her face on facebook for first time when we first had facebook in 2008 and it remembers so much of me when I was young and of the pictures of my mother as a young girl. Eva is an artist and this is a self portrait of her. For other artworks look at her blog. You can also buy the book La Tela del Nonno.

See here for a poem in Italian that is a bit related

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