#olivetti #computer #blogging #dreams first PC the Italian Programma_101

Rai 1 has recently shown a film about Adriano Olivetti, la Forza di un Sogno (the power of a dream). This makes me think that the first personal computer was the Italian Programma_101. Did you know that? Do you agree?

This makes me also think of my first blog post, in the pre-history of blogging on the Italian splinder platform. My old blog is now a pdf file since splinder is not active anymore. My dream is and has always been to make computer science available. While computer science is 1 million times more available now than it was 10 years ago when I started blogging and I published Kjærlighet og Computer, I still dream about an even more powerful, more open, more human and safer computer world.

La Forza di un Sogno has its limits, as my Italian friends point out on facebook, but a very good attempt to disseminate the power of technology and of thinking big thoughs.

This makes me also think of my trips to Ivrea a couple of decades ago, the train at 645 from Torino Porta Susa, but this is another story.

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