my speach to IDI today

“Which is the goal of IDI as an organization?” IDI’s goal is to provide excellent education and research in Computer Science. And our tasks as leader group is to make sure that the 150 persons who work at IDI work together for reaching this goal.
It does not make sense, to discuss if education is more or less important than research. The two goals are equally important.
While people is here at IDI for achieving the education and research goals, in my mind, people is more important than education and research goals as – without happy or at least healthy people – we will not achieve any goals.

As you have heard, we have decided to work as a team and divide responsibilities among as in a way Trond is responsible for translating the general goal of ” provide excellent education” into criteria and an operational process. Likewise Agnar is responsible for stimulating IDI’s researchers to become even better ones and to make IDI into a research organization and not only an organization of researchers. Eivind coordinates the administration group which is the heart of IDI. As – if administration does not pulse – IDI’s machine stops. And IDI administration functions very well and the same does the technical group. Then are the scientific groups. Each has a leader who is responsible to act as a bridge between the people in the groups and the leader team.

Each of you asks herself the question: “Who is in charge?”. Is it Letizia? Is it my group leader? Is it my supervisor? Is it Eivind? Trond? Agnar? The answer is that while I have the final responsibility for education, research, and people at IDI, each people is responsible to understand and clarify, for each task, who is the responsible person. Take for example the teaching duties of one phd student. I cannot know and plan all the details of all teaching duties of all students, but each student must be aware that she is in charge of clarifying the duties with her supervisor, the course teacher and Eivind. And each one has the responsibility to ask if anything is not clear. And ask again.

We all have the responsibility to achieve the education and research goals, and here I know that IDI’s people is clever. I had not applied for this job if I was not proud of IDI’s persons. And my goal is to make people more aware that they are clever and they can become even more clever if we interact properly with each other and the rest of NTNU and the society.

Before I give the word to Trond and Agnar I want to say thanks to Guttorm and Jon Atle, for being the department heads for the last four years and leaving IDI is a good shape. Give an applause to Guttorm and Jon Atle.

One thought on “my speach to IDI today”

  1. ” in my mind, people is more important than education and research goals as – without happy or at least healthy people – we will not achieve any goals.”

    Such a wonderful talk you had today, Letizia! Good luck with your wonderful management team.


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