Takk for alt Norge! From Bruxelles #horizon2020

Stamp Stamp and FORNEBU will be written on my Italian pass forever. I am in Oslo for the first time, destination Trondheim. I enter a Braathens flight, there is a kind of Viking wooden statue inside the flight. I do not understand neither Norwegian nor English with the Norwegian accent. But I am not afraid.
I first walk to Gløshaugen, that everybody calls NTH in the 80’s. I walk up the hill, Høyskolebakken. I have a master in Computer Science. The students are different from my co-students at the University of Pisa, I will stay here for 6 months (I think). I am looking forward and I am not afraid.

25 years later I am in Bruxelles with IME leader group, to learn about EU Research Framework. I have met the Norwegian Councelor for Research in Brussel Erik Yssen and the Head of Research Council of Norway Brussels Office Yngve Foss.
Horizon 2020 does not have a specific ICT program as it used to be in FPT7.
In order to understand ICT role in Horizon 2020, one has to navigate Excellence in Science (with Future and Emerging Technologies  and Marie Sklowska Curie Actions); Industrial leadership and Societal Challenges (with a list of relevant topics); Erasmus + and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
I am grateful that I can experience this trip and learn more about research, education, and innovation. The more I know, the less I know. Many hours with experts from the Commission. Now I know much more.

I learned Norwegian quickly and I have never been afraid to make mistakes. I still like to translate from Italian, I used to say “Takk for alt” that is the exact translation of the Italian “grazie di tutto”. I was soon told that you cannot say “takk for alt” in Norway.
I keep saying “takk for alt” to good old friends. And I say “takk for alt” Norway for 25 years of friendship, possibilities, and hospitality.
Here a Horizon 2020 Condensed.


One thought on “Takk for alt Norge! From Bruxelles #horizon2020”

  1. Fortsett å si takk for alt kjære deg! Og takk for deg i 25 år! For din inspirasjon og uredde måte! Silje


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