#plagiarism #Google #scholar #open #access #journal

Today, Google scholar suggested for me a paper. I opened it and surprise! It was a true copy of our Trifonova, Anna, Salah U. Ahmed, and Letizia Jaccheri. “SArt: Towards Innovation at the intersection of Software engineering and art.” Proceedings of The 16th International Conference on Information Systems Development. 2007.

The new title is “Towards Invention at the Overlap of Software Engineering and Artwork”. I have asked the open access journal that has published the copied paper to solve this problem. It is (according to its website) an online open access, peer-reviewed refereed journal with impact factor 1.0807.

Is it something that happens often? Am I especially targeted? Anything I do wrong? It has happened to me once a couple of years ago, it was a person we knew that also has copied the work of other colleagues here at IDI.

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