#thanks #2013 @idintnu @imefakultet @ntnu

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I want to thank my colleagues and my students for the best year of my working life. I am grateful.

First I want to mention the software engineering course in the Spring. Here I thank Ines who helped so well with Experts in Team so that I could focus on the big course and the students and assistants of that course. They gave me a lot of energy and some critics. They made me stronger. Thanks to all our students.

As new department head I get so much help and positive feedback from the administration both at IDI and IME.
2013 has been the year I have published most in my life. This thanks to Michalis, ERCIM postdoc, and friendly co-worker. Thanks to IDI PhD students for publishing well.

I do not write more. Pictures talk. Thanks and happy new 2014!

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