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I want to thank my colleagues and my students for the best year of my working life. I am grateful.

First I want to mention the software engineering course in the Spring. Here I thank Ines who helped so well with Experts in Team so that I could focus on the big course and the students and assistants of that course. They gave me a lot of energy and some critics. They made me stronger. Thanks to all our students.

As new department head I get so much help and positive feedback from the administration both at IDI and IME.
2013 has been the year I have published most in my life. This thanks to Michalis, ERCIM postdoc, and friendly co-worker. Thanks to IDI PhD students for publishing well.

I do not write more. Pictures talk. Thanks and happy new 2014!

TDT4290 Customer Driven Project Kick-off day, 21.August

TDT4290 Customer Driven Project 
Welcome to the Students, Industry Representatives, the coordinator Babak A. Farshchian, and professor Reidar Conradi.

Yesterday is History

Project courses at the NTH: 20 years of experience, R. Andersen, R. Conradi, J. Krogstie, G. Sindre, A. Sølvberg

Tomorrow is a Mystery

NTNU til SFU-finalen

Today is a Gift, that’s why
its called a Present!


A post-doctoral position in the area of Software Engineering is available at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI), Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
The postdoctoral position is for two years, but if the candidate is qualified to teach in courses where the department has personnel shortage, the employment can be extended by one additional year. With a three year position the post doc has to spend 30 % of the time on teaching duties. More information and link to application forms here 

ECSA 2013

We are happy to inform you that the Full research paper you have submitted to ECSA 2013, entitled Architectural Decision-Making in Enterprises: Preliminary Findings from an Exploratory Study in Norwegian Electricity Industry, has been accepted as a Full research paper. Mohsen Anvaari, Reidar Conradi and Letizia Jaccheri
big day for me as:

  • My first paper with Mohsen
  • my first paper about Smart Grid
  • 24 years of co-authorship with Reidar C.