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A post-doctoral position in the area of Software Engineering is available at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI), Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
The postdoctoral position is for two years, but if the candidate is qualified to teach in courses where the department has personnel shortage, the employment can be extended by one additional year. With a three year position the post doc has to spend 30 % of the time on teaching duties. More information and link to application forms here 

ECSA 2013

We are happy to inform you that the Full research paper you have submitted to ECSA 2013, entitled Architectural Decision-Making in Enterprises: Preliminary Findings from an Exploratory Study in Norwegian Electricity Industry, has been accepted as a Full research paper. Mohsen Anvaari, Reidar Conradi and Letizia Jaccheri
big day for me as:

  • My first paper with Mohsen
  • my first paper about Smart Grid
  • 24 years of co-authorship with Reidar C.

Software Evolution

Today I will teach Software Evolution, with a guest lecture about MySQL Release Management (already recorded). My lecture will not be recorded. Here there is a video of an excellent lecture about software evolution IIT Bombay Course , Prof. Rushikesh K Joshi. It is based on the same text book we use in my course, by Ian Sommerville. Video is clearly having big impacts on education. I do not think we understand the consequences, at least I do not, almost like when the WEB came in the 90’s. Universities will survive, we will keep on working. But how? It will be interesting to follow.

hvem er Årets DigIT Kvinne 2013 i Trøndelag?

Årets DigIT Kvinne 2013 er:

En foregangskvinne som enten alene eller som en del av et team har bidratt til nye digitale muligheter gjennom:

enten utvikling av ny teknologi

…eller ny utnyttelse av eksisterende teknologi

…eller nye digitale konsepter

…eller ny digital kommunikasjon

…eller ?
mer her send forslag til meg eller gjennom nettsiden før 22.02