lessons learnt #3- #friends are more important than #career

I regret that I have lost friends during the years. Distance generates distance. “La lontananza allontana” said the father of a good friend. He was commenting his son’s life, and the life of all us who had left the original family and friends to follow dreams, or career or just to escape from something. While I cannot do much with the relationships that stopped to develop many years ago, I try now to meet the good friends I have. I have never had a shopping weekend with girlfriends in a big city. However I call a couple of girlfriends in Italy when I think they need me and I meet some good friends here in town.

I admire those who have good and old friend relationships. Yes, it took me many years to understand, #friends are more important than #career. Family is more important than friends.
This I had understood already 10 years ago when I wrote “Cuore & Computer“. (Kjærlighet og Computer Norwegian here search for famiglia and/or familie).

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