lessons learnt #2- be kind be kind #bekind #niceweekend #thanks #Iamsorry

You know what? If you regret something, try not to regret too much, rather try to stop what you regret. I have been nervous, stressed, aggressive. Not to be bad, but sometimes to be smart, sometimes to be impatient. Stop Stop Stop. Be kind. Better to appear stupid than rude. If everybody else is rude, be kind. Let us help each other to be kind. Kind does not mean helpful, kind does not mean sweat. Kind means kind. Start your emails with “dear X” and conclude them with “yous YY”. Kind means to say “goodmorning”, “I am sorry”, “thanks”, ” Sorry I do not understand” rather than “You are not clear enought”. Kind means saying “have a nice weekend”.

Have a nice weekend kind people!

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