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successfull kick off meeting @ntnu #welead


Liyuan Xing, Karen Byskov Lindberg, Anniken Karlsen, Stewart Kowalski, Kerstin Bach, Mads Nygård, Laura Georg, Soudabeh Khodambashi,  Özlem Özgöbek, Katina Kralevska, Letizia Jaccheri, Kathrine Vestues

Other participants who are not in the pictures: Kirsi Helkala, Yi Ching Liao, Maria Henningsson, Agnar Aamodt, Gro Iren Kvanli Dæhlin, Nils Karlstad Svendsen, Sokratis Katsikas, Simon J R McCallum.

Lean In

It can take some time before you get engaged. At the beginning you think that in Scandinavia we do not need to think about parking facilities for pregnant women or women toilets. On the contrary! This book is highly relevant and I suggest it to everybody women and men who are interested in:

  • social media and how and who control them
  • career development in High Tech
  • leadership and gender and family issues

I am – as you know – interested in all the three points above so I highly apreciate this book and I wish that I had read something like this 20 years ago. There are some funny and poetic stories so the book is nice to read almost as a novel or at least a biography.

We have started http://leanincircles.org/circle/leanintrondheim

(WeLead) Invitation to Kick off Meeting

Leadership Program for Women in Computer Science and Technology 2016 (WeLead)
Invitation to Kick off Meeting
This major goal of this project to women in Computer Science and Technology (CST) employed by NTNU to advance their scientific careers by implementing the following key actions: 1) mentoring, 2) networking, 3) dissemination and funding.

WeLead started in 2014 by Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI). In 2015 the Telematics department (ITEM) joined. For 2016, we plan to include all CST units in the new NTNU.
We are proud to invite you to the Kick off meeting which will be held in Gjøvik 11th and 12th January and hosted by Laura Georg (co-responsible).

11.1.: Atrium, A-Building, NTNU i Gjøvik

10-13:30: Official Presentations

13:30 – 15: Individual Meetings Norsk Forskningsråd/Innovasjon Norge

15 – 16 planning the discussion on Tuesday. The main two topics for the working groups are a) Common research idea b) Plans for this year’s activities

18h: Dinner at Lasse Liten Restaurant (http://www.lasseliten.no/)

20h: Bowling (https://www.bowling.no/organisasjon/haller/detaljer/?Id=46)


12.1.: Ørneredet, NTNU i Gjøvik

9 – 9:15: Welcome! – Gro Iren Kvanli Dæhlin (Pro Rektor Research NTNU i Gjøvik) and Nils Karlstad Svendsen (Dean AIMT)

9:15 – 9:45: Presentation of Objectives / Background Initiative/ Lessons Learnt 2014-2015 Letizia Jaccheri

9:45 – 11: Work in Working Groups on Research Ideas and Project Planning

11:15- 12: Summary and Next Steps

12 –13: Lunch in Cantina

Doodle for registration
For any questions contact me
Letizia Jaccheri

Presentation for the meeting



Grace Hopper @ntnu the only university from Europe that had a booth at the Career Fair together with the most prominent IT giants in the world like Facebook and Google

IDI is organizing a lessons-learned seminar from our attendance in the world’s largest conference on celebrating Grace Hopper (GHC), the inventor of the programming language for the first computer. We were more than 12.000 participants in the conference. We are proud to say that we were also the only university from Europe that had a booth at the Career Fair together with the most prominent IT giants in the world like Facebook and Google.

While we had a lot of fun, we also learned a lot and now we would like to share this with you. What is the message of the Facebook COO to us? We also held a completion for the Career Fair participants on Norwegian culture and society. How well did the GHC participants know about Norway? We will do the test also for you 😉

Come on and join us, we are having the seminar on
Tuesday 15.12.2015, 12:00-13:00 in the meeting room 354.
As our space is limited, please sign up at

Women in leadership positions at @imefakultet @NTNU #IDI #item #computerscience

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Successful event, in connection with Hong’s PhD dissertation with the participation of Junia Anacleto, Anke Dittmar, Leila Ailem, Svandis Benediktsdottir, Sydney Fells and our professors, associate professors, PhD students and Post Doctoral students from the IDI and ITEM department.
Katja Abrahamsson wonderful resource in this project.
Pictures by Kerstin Bach
I have counted the following nationalities: Norway, Italy, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, China, India, Taiwan, Finland, Turkey, USA, Island.
More comments about this event to come.

Leila Alem @ntnu Tuesday 9/06 at 11.15 in room 454

Leila Ailem will give a talk about the use of wearable technology and augmented reality for innovative services in health, mining, and manufacturing domains. Leila has two decades of experience of delivering impactful research to industry funded projects.

After the talk there will be some food and time for exploring collaborations. End of the event 13.00

Leila is passionate and entrepreneurial principal researcher in Human Computer
Interaction with a drive for designing and delivering innovative digital products,
services and user experiences of compelling values to create novel and competitive
business models in the digital economy.

She has recently joined ThoughtWorks as a PrincipalConsultant & Principal HCI scientist.
She has, over two decades, been Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO (Common Wealth Scientific Research Organzation). CSIRO is comparable to Norwegian SINTEF.
She holds an Adjunct Professor position at UTS/FEIT at the Human Centered Technology
Design research laboratory.

Alem-Leila CV-2015


Women in leadership positions 2015 @juniaufscar @ntnu @WomenOfHistory @woinco @anne_elster

Women in leadership positions 2015
”Passenger or pilot – getting the best out of it”
Department of Telematics (ITEM)
Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI)

Recruiting more women, as students, researchers and to Scientific management positions has been and is an important goal for NTNU.
In 2014 IDI ran a five day program, divided in to three separate session, motivating and preparing our female staff for leadership positions and roles. In 2015 we have established a new project; “Passenger or pilot – Woman in leadership positions 2015”, aimed at continuing the focus on female leadership at our departments through the coming year.
Program 26.5.2015, in room 242 at IDI (2. floor)
One of the project first activities in the project is a seminar held on May 26th where all female scientific staff are invited. The overarching topic of the seminar will be Leadership, gender and culture.

08.30 Welcome to the seminar by Letizia Jaccheri and Harald Øverby

08.50 Presentations and expectations for this year by each participant

09.30 Workshop: Leadership – what it is really all about?
Part I: Lars Asle Einarsen, Specialist in Work and Organizational Psychology

Part II: Individual tasks and group discussions

11.30 Lunch

12.30 Workshop: Challenges in taking a leadership position at NTNU – Gender or Culture?
Part I: Lars Asle Einarsen, Specialist in Work and Organizational Psychology

Part II: Individual tasks and group discussions

14.30 Coffee break

14.45 ”The Grace Hopper Conference Celebration of Women in computing”- Why is it great and worthy of participating!

Inspirational talk by Anne Cathrine Elster
Participants’ motivational statements

15.30 Feedback and sum-up by Lars Asle Einarsen

16.00 The end

Social event on Sunday June 7th with the aim of setting up networks between the young women (Women in CS program) and more experienced women visiting at NTNU in the period (Junia Anacleto; Anke Dittmar; Leila Alem). We are also inviting a few men who are very welcomed.

Program, Sunday June 7th, 15-21 o’clock
We are planning to take a boat around the Canal harbor, up the river Nidelven and out on the fjord. The dinner will be served in Hotel Clarions’ Astrum restaurant with a panoramic view over the Trondheim’s fjord.