(WeLead) Invitation to Kick off Meeting

Leadership Program for Women in Computer Science and Technology 2016 (WeLead)
Invitation to Kick off Meeting
This major goal of this project to women in Computer Science and Technology (CST) employed by NTNU to advance their scientific careers by implementing the following key actions: 1) mentoring, 2) networking, 3) dissemination and funding.

WeLead started in 2014 by Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI). In 2015 the Telematics department (ITEM) joined. For 2016, we plan to include all CST units in the new NTNU.
We are proud to invite you to the Kick off meeting which will be held in Gjøvik 11th and 12th January and hosted by Laura Georg (co-responsible).

11.1.: Atrium, A-Building, NTNU i Gjøvik

10-13:30: Official Presentations

13:30 – 15: Individual Meetings Norsk Forskningsråd/Innovasjon Norge

15 – 16 planning the discussion on Tuesday. The main two topics for the working groups are a) Common research idea b) Plans for this year’s activities

18h: Dinner at Lasse Liten Restaurant (http://www.lasseliten.no/)

20h: Bowling (https://www.bowling.no/organisasjon/haller/detaljer/?Id=46)


12.1.: Ørneredet, NTNU i Gjøvik

9 – 9:15: Welcome! – Gro Iren Kvanli Dæhlin (Pro Rektor Research NTNU i Gjøvik) and Nils Karlstad Svendsen (Dean AIMT)

9:15 – 9:45: Presentation of Objectives / Background Initiative/ Lessons Learnt 2014-2015 Letizia Jaccheri

9:45 – 11: Work in Working Groups on Research Ideas and Project Planning

11:15- 12: Summary and Next Steps

12 –13: Lunch in Cantina

Doodle for registration
For any questions contact me
Letizia Jaccheri

Presentation for the meeting



2 thoughts on “(WeLead) Invitation to Kick off Meeting”

  1. Hi dear Mary. Do you need me to your Kick off Meeting?

    I can help women believe in themselves, love who they are- and colour the world through mindfulness, communication & performance.

    Ønsker deg en veldig god jul og et supert nytt år!

    ps: god klem fra aase-hilde

    Mvh./Best Regards Tara Media(Org.nr: 983 912 176) ved Aase-Hilde Brekke Postadresse: Wilhelms gt.6, 0168 Oslo Besøksadresse/visit: Nordahl Bruns gate 22, 2. etg., 0188 Oslo.

    +47-976 48 791 post@taramedia.no http://www.taramedia.no http://www.mind-flow.no

    > 17 Dec 2015 kl. 08:52 skrev Letizia Jaccheri : > >


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