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I have promised at our IDI’s strategy seminar that I will work for sharing information about the merge process to IDI’s employees. I am aware that exists and this is only a simple supplement for IDI and friends.

What will happen:

  • 28th May – open day @ime Program from 8.30 to 12.15 common with IME – From 12.30 @IDI Room 454
  • Visit to HiG 8th June – Responsible Mads Nygård
  • Visit to Hials 18 May – Responsible Mads Nygård
  • Visit to Hist 4th Juni – Responsible Letizia Jaccheri and Trond Aalberg 



I was inspired and impressed by the meeting with Nils, Per, and not least Anniken whom I met for the first time but I had the impression we had been colleagues for ages. #women-in-computing

IDI employees are very wise and they give good advice for this merge process.

A classic Letizia’s reflection, we will do a lot of mistakes and we will say something that is not perfect since we are not educated as diplomatic. I hope we will forgive each other mistakes and we will make something new together.

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