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diary of a department head #Frikt #openoffice #reuse #cooperate

I have now talked to all IDI’s group leaders about the implementation of FRIKT. I feel that everybody is willing to cooperate so that IDI will succeed to achieve IDI’s goals.

I have met Remida’s Pål Bøyesen (artist) and started to plan “the open office: creative reuse and open IT” – the new office that will be a combination of department head office and open area for IDI. Values: play, cooperate, share, reuse.

All for today.

#mooc @ntnu Research Presentation room 454 Friday 8.11 – 11:15-12:00 IT-Building

The presentation is open
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before Thursday morning (e.g., 10)
by Dr. Michail Giannakos
Designing Video Technologies to Support Higher Education

Video lectures have enhanced the value of learning procedures, especially in higher education. Today, there is a growing number and variety of educational video lectures online (like Khan Academy and Udacity), but there is limited understanding of their effectiveness in terms of learning and usability. Although there is significant research literature within the individual domains of usability and of video learning, there is limited understanding of their integrated design. Today millions of learners enjoy videos from different platforms (e.g., YouTube) on a diverse number of terminals (desktop, smart phone, tablets) and create billions of simple interactions. This amount of learning activity might be converted via analytics into useful information for the benefit of all video learners. This talk will be centered on recent NTNU initiatives to shed light on video-based learning potentials to support higher education. One of the main challenges is to make sense of users experiences and practices in order to redesign and optimize the education settings and systems. The long term goal of this initiative is to understand how video learning systems contribute to the training of university students, with particular focus on Computer Science students.

dreaming about my “new” office – V.0

I get a new office (23,76 KVM). My goals. I want:
– the office to be a show room for IDI. I think of screens which display research results and processes and small artifacts like robots
– to reuse furniture and screens not to buy new ones. IDI will change all the windows I want to reuse them.
– the office to be open
– a very small area private for myself (inspired by Pål’s office at Remida made by windows) enough to have my own desk that I have now
– the rest of the room to be a flexible place that all IDI can use for meetings or to sit and work
– a screen on the door that show what is going on in the office and/or the other screens
– the budget to be low and the office to be a project not a permanent crypt

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#jetleg #NTNU #strategy #cold #soonweekend #ICT

After a tough week with jet leg, a cold that I fight with a lot of paraset, meetings among which a four hours meeting with the whole faculty leader group and the rector group, I sit here and read NTNU strategy. Under Research and artistic activities there is:

• We will give priority to internationalization and develop expertise in initiating, participating in and leading international research projects.
• We will identify and develop talents in research and art, and establish mechanisms to maintain and develop academic environments in the top international league.
• We will concentrate our research through robust academic environments of high quality and with a clear academic profile.
• We will strengthen the fundamental, long-term research and enabling technologies such as ICT, biotechnology and nanotechnology.
• We will work to ensure that the public and private sectors seek and value doctoral graduates.

IDI-ITEM Symposium 2013 @idintnu @ntnu @imefakultet

Velkommen til symposium. Jeg heter Letizia Jaccheri og er Instituttleder på Institutt for Datateknikk og Informasjonsvitenskap (IDI) siden 1. August. Det er  tre store grupper  som er interessert i IDI og som IDI er interessert i:  de er studenter,  næringslivet, og andre internasjonale forskning institusjoner.

For å kunne utvikle oss er vi helt avhengige av dere er engasjerte. Takk for at dere er her, takk for at dere vil gi oss feedback og hjelpe IDI å bli enda bedre.

(skrevet uten ordbok)

sharing documents @idintnu @imefakultetet

Thanks to Birgit Sørgård and Jan Grønsberg who help me to share important documents with IDI employees. Thanks to Nina Kotte who is a good communication inspiration for me. 

Strategy, resource plan (bemanningsplan), and FRIKT document are now available at our Intranet under About IDI / Organizational Documents. Please give me feedback about this. Do we need a Intranett course by Nina? She is willing to give such a course for IDI.

#Karrierenettverk @imefakultetet @idintnu @NTNU #datajenter

Jeg skal snart treffe jenter og representanter fra næringslivet i Karrierenettverk for kvinnelige IME-studenter og mentorer fra næringslivet.
Here you have my Prezi presentation to be used during the meeting/workshop about: Software and Art.

I look forward to meet the participants and to talk about software and art after so many weeks without Art and some Software.


«beredskap» preparation to emergency

Last Friday 6.9 I attended the «beredskap» “preparation to emergency” course for the IME faculty. I learned that it is my responsibility to let everyone at IDI knows that one has to know these three numbers:
110 (in case of fire)
112 (police)
113 (ambulance).
Moreover each one should know my phone number 91897028 and call it in case of emergency at IDI, but only after calling one of the three above if someone judges the situation to be serious.
I also learned that there are several other important numbers we should know and I checked, they are available at each floor. See picture above.