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This week I am supposed to travel to ICSE2012 to present this paper (Evaluation of User Engagement and Message Comprehension in a Pervasive Software Installation). 18 years after my first ICSE in Sorrento, 1994. It may sound strange to South European, but here in Norway we are experiencing a long strike, which started thursdag 24th May. Gardemoen airport is looking as it looks in the picture. Tromsø airport has just closed. So I am really nervous about what the next days will bring. Follow me.

It should not snow the first of June

This morning it was snowing. Yes we are in Norway but it is the 1st of June. Still strike, both children get out of the house without keys. Fortunately I have a good friend who has the keys and saved both. I get nosebleeds on my Friday jogging-lunch with a friend.colleague. I also get a call on the same run, that the fire alarm of the house had gone. When I came home with my face full of blood, 5 strong firemen wanted to save me, but I told – I am sorry it is only nosebleeds. I went to the doctor to have a quick check, the value of something is too low and now I am on my way to Sant Olav to check other values. In the meantime I checked email and talked at the phone with two colleagues who are finalizing an application. Fortunately I have good colleagues. It should not snow the first of June.


sad day for Italy and for me. First, bomb outside school in Brindisi kills a girl and injured five other girls.
Then earthquake in north Italy. What makes me extremely sad are the words of a good friend of mine, she says that she has a conspiration theory about the bomb. “It is Mr. B. who wants to create fear among people as he did with other terrorism acts in 1993” she writes to me on the wordfeud chat line. I did not know about these theories. I have in practice not lived in the country since middle 1990. I do not wish here to present or to deny conspiration theories of this kind. I only feel it is terribly sad when a country (or a family or an organization) cannot get the relief one can get, when gathering in grief.

Artsonia – an online children’s art museum

Artsonia is an online children’s art museum that now displays over a million pieces of art from children in more than 100 countries. In 2001, Kishore Swaminathan took a one-year leave of absence from Accenture to launch Artsonia. Artsonia has today 16,055,412 artworks. Swaminathan  will visit NTNU the 30th of May. Looking forward.