Besøk av gammel dame #Dürrenmatt @TrondelagTeater

Yesterday I was at the theather to see  Besøk av gammel dame (The Visit, German: Der Besuch der alten Dame –  a 1956 tragicomic play by Swiss dramatist Friedrich Dürrenmatt.)

Some considerations:

1. Always nice and interesting to go to the theater, I should do more of these things

2. I liked very much the choreography, the projections, the costumes, the multimedia effects.

3. It took a while before I understood what it was about as I did not know the piece, and the language (expecially the Borgemester was too difficult). Moreover I insist not to use the glasses and I do not see so well.

4. The message I get is that when people focus too much about money, negative consequences arise

5. Justice is a very complicate matter. Justice + Money get very very complicated.

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