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life is wonderful – livet er et underverk – la vita e’ meravigliosa

Today I spent two hours at IKEA because NYTTIG FIL 440 does not fit UNDERVERK ventilator. It is the third time in three days that I drive to IKEA. The purpose of this post is not to share all the details of my suffering but since I do not find this problem when I google it, I hope that somebody with the same problem will find this post and me. IKEA promised to check as they admit that the filter NYTTIG FIL 440 does not fit the new UNDERVERK on the contrary of what is specified.

The funny thing is that underverk means wonders and nyttig means useful, not useful and not wonderful yet.

#Socratic #Position #Open @ntnu

SOCRATIC is an EU funded project under Horizon 2020 and is planned to start 1.2.2016. Socratic will provide a knowledge-based Internet platform offering a set of tools and services to support the whole Social Innovation Project life cycle from problem identification and awareness, creative solution ideation, collective decision-making for solution design and implementation, final evaluation, and follow-up. It will be built upon an open service oriented architecture, implementing semantic functionalities. SOCRATIC will be based in a user-centric approach, implementing gamification techniques to engage users in the sustained use of the platform. Experts in Teams (EiT) and APPLAB are two cross-disciplinary NTNU programs, where group students of different faculties come up with innovative solutions to societal challenges. NTNU’s role is to participate in the definition of requirements, and extensive validation and assessment of the Platform in real life conditions Read More and details about the position and how to apply

#google #1998 #minigonna #1965 #italiano


Oggi google compie 17 anni. Siccome anche mio figlio maggiore e’ nato nel 1998 e siccome stamani mi sono svegliata alle 4 e non sapevo piu’ cosa fare dopo aver finito una presentazione, fatto una passeggiata col cane, visto un paio di TED talk e una mezza puntata di Chi l’Ha visto, ho cercato su google “quale invenzione e’ stata fatta nel mio anno di nascita 1965”. Cosa e’ stato inventato nel 1965? La minigonna!

Kodeløypa @ntnu #ikt

Hi try to see midtnytt this evening as our Kodeløypa will be presented. Kodeløypa is important for society as Computer Science in schools and recruiting of youngsters to CS is a big challenge and opens up for enormous possibilities. In the picture, one of our art-robots and our smart, fabolous assistants, among which the Kodeløypa masters Finn & Ilse.

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