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My reflections about Trygve Lundemo’s article in Adressa today (in Norwegian)

Det er ikke nytt at jeg tyr til tårene men første gangen at jeg lar tårene falle ned på en papir utgave av adressa. Og kanskje det blir sist, siden vi har nettopp avbestilt papir adressa. Men dette var ikke det jeg ville si.

Jeg tror jeg ble gammel en gang i tidlig 2000 når jeg så en film ( du ville like den som fikk meg til å se tilbake på familie historie, fascismen, de Røde Brigaden og det hele.

I år griner jeg igjen foran Halvbror og Hvem tror du er og ser tilbake. For meg som har bodd her 50% av livet og som i slutten av 80 tallet sa til meg at jeg hadde mer i felles med tøffe norske venner på Gløshaugen enn mine jålete italienske venninner, er dette kanskje enda større enn for dere som tross alt befinner dere fremdeles i Trøndelag regionen. Jeg tenker mer og mer på mine italienske venner.

Anyway, jeg må begynne igjen å jobbe nå og slutte å tenke på Halvbror (var de egentlig brødrene? Er Fred egentlig halvbror med sin mor?).

Rita Levi Montalcini

Italian Neurobiologist Rita Levi-Montalcini , born in Torino in 1909 died today. Montalcini had lived 30 years in US and in 1986 she was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine.

Montalcini has lived through anti-Semitic discrimination and Nazi invasion. One of the big women in science and role model for Italian (and not only) women. A big proudness for all Italians.

“Do not think of your self think of the others!”
Dico ai giovani: non pensate a voi stessi, pensate agli altri. Pensate al futuro che vi aspetta, pensate a quello che potete fare, e non temete niente. Non temete le difficoltà: io ne ho passate molte, e le ho attraversate senza paura, con totale indifferenza alla mia persona.

facebook stop

I decided not to use facebook for one month the 11/11/2012. What did I miss? This is impossible to say, since I do not know what I did miss. Was it difficult? Yes, it was a bit difficult, I had to unistall facebook from my android as the telephone was trying to show me my facebook friends and their updates even after I had logged out.
When there was flood in Tuscany, I was not following up and I used the phone to send a couple of SMS’s to friends I had not contacted by phone for ages. I must admit that during the flood time I felt a relief for not following up as – when you are on facebook – you are in several places at the same time and you are empatically involved with more than you can tackle.

If my facebook friends miss me, I cannot tell. I cannot even tell if I will log in facebook again the 11/12. Probably it is not an important choice. I am a bit proud I managed to keep my promise. I try to convince my children to make similar promises related to videogames and alike.

meta.morf a matter of feelings

Meta.Morf a matter of feelings. Yes a lot of feelings. 10 years have passed since the first time I participated to a Match Making festival. A lot of work, a lot of people involved, one artist, curator, person who started everything – Espen Gangvik, many people who believed in him and in this idea that art and technology can meet. That the match has to be made, even if it is very difficult, even if sometimes it seems we do not understand each others. So congratulations and thanks Espen for all these years with technology art in Trondheim. Thanks to TSSK for a nice and professional guided tour today.