Moby Dick – what I read and what I swim

It is well known that I like most to swim and to read. This summer I read Lille Lord Fauntleroy, the Secret Garden, A Little Princess. I am impressed that the author Frances Hodgson Burnett born in 1849, had understood so much about children, development, life. And she has traveled so much and was so independent.

I have also been swimming a bit because today we are supposed to swim from Munkholmen. I have started to read and listen Moby Dick by Herman Melville. The audiobook is more than 30 hours and even if I read and listen in Italian I had to start again three times as I loose attention because the story is surrounded by many reflections and scientific facts about whales and everything. However I enjoy the book. Now I read a couple of pages per evening, and I enjoy. I think of Collodi who for sure had read Moby Dick. I think that it took many decades for the book to become famous.

I think that today is very cold and I am not sure we will start from Munkholmen and I am not even sure it will be possible to swim. It has been wonderful to keep swimming the whole year dreaming about today. If we will manage to swim, if I will manage to read the whole Moby Dick, we do not know. It is of less importance.

.ps my grandmother had a copy of Moby Dick, it looked almost the same as this one, I do not know if that copy exists, I read on Kindle, those books with the green cover exist at least in my heart.

Moby Dick: la balena bianca (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Herman  Melville. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

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