Elena Ferrante La vita bugiarda degli adulti

I get this book as present from my dear friend Elena G. and I am sorry to criticize the book, but I have to. In the quadrilogy, in spite of violence and poor relations, there is always an attempt to lift oneself up, there is always somebody acting as inspiration. Elena lifts up Lila and Lila lifts up Elena when Elena does not want to read, teacher Oliviero inspires both Elena and Lila, even the two dolls, are source of inspiration, as when they disappear, Don Achille gives money to the girls so they can buy their first book, little women.
In “La vita bugiarda degli adulti” there is nothing positive, only lies, bad sex described in such a masculine way that I start to think again that Ferranti is not a woman, at least she was not alone to write this book. The symbol of the book, the bracelet, is mentioned too many times, as symbol of bad relations that do not improve. I hope young people will not read this book as it gives very little hope, while we need hope. 1573727705674_f

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