#pisa #universita’ area Marzotto the trees are the same and so am I

L’Universita’ di Pisa was founded in 1343. The campus has since its start been integrated with the town of Pisa which lives in symbiosys with the university and its students. During the years, old buildings have been taken in use and renewed. I sit now in the Department of Computer Science that is integrated with an old textile industrial building and even with the ancient city walls, as you can see in the pictures. The trees are still the same as when I was a student and we had lectures in the same area, that at the time was not renewed and industry building looked and felt like industry buildings.
All this to say that I do not want to give up to fight for an NTNU integrated campus with the town of Trondheim. In Trondheim center, buildings are empty, at Gøshaugen we do not have place and we want to take the place of the old trees.
I become more and more skeptical to build in Gløshaugen. Strategy is to use distance and time. When I look up at Trondheim from here, I dream of a campus integrated with Trondheim town. Please do not mention the weather, as Norwegian are outside in all weather situations and everybody can walk, or use an electric car or bike, between the different buildings in Trondheim.

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