Diary: life, work, books, conferences, and self confidence – the eight mountains and the 47 flights

download.jpgIn the last days the weather has been bad, so I had to stop swimming outside and started to swim in swimming pool. I listen a lot to audible in Italian. Since Dostojewski that was very hard,  I have read:





  • Le Otto Montagne Paolo Cognetti, that is wonderful, and translated in many languages including Norwegian, recomended.
  • Le tre del Mattino, by Gianrico Carofiglio, not bad, but not the best Carofiglio.
  • L’ultima settimana di Settembre – Lorenzo Licalzi, average.
  • Resto qui, by Marco Balzano, Excellent, about a piece of history of Italy I knew very little about.

I work in a peaceful way and I have time to read master theses and to work with the best education award prize of Informatics Europe.

I have written a piece in the local newspaper about my 39 flights. In fact I had forgotten the 6 flights for Poland and 2 for Stavanger. They should by 47.

I work with Jingyue for EASE2020 and with Ilias and Patrick for I3E2019.

Today I eat lunch with a good friend. We were talking about appreciation by other people. We have first to appreciate our self, that is why it is called self-confidence. In spite of all our mistakes, we have to believe in our self.

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