Orges visiting Ann Arbor in June 2019

Very good job @Orges!

I started my adventure in finding Tech Startups in Ann Arbor at the beginning of June.

Barbara Ericson, Professor at School of Information at UMICH, had been helping me all the way through during this time to get in touch with many of the responsible in the community. It has been thanks to her connections that I started planning ahead.

However, before arriving in Ann Arbor there have been little but promising hopes to meet with some of the Tech Startups in the city. Apparently, I realized later that most of the startups were High Tech oriented. First Aileen, Professor at Transforming Engineering Education Lab (TEEL), helped me get in touch with other colleagues, who in turn got in touch with others until I got one interview promise via email from Fluity hosted at Desai Accelerator. This didn’t discourage me since the community seemed pretty thriving with innovation initiatives.

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