#Hesthagen #Høyskoleparken #NTNU

I disagree with the plans of building in Hesthagen and in the park. I share the ambitions goals of attracting talents and companies to NTNU, I have been working for this goal for many years and I do not intend to give up. However, we can achieve ambitious goals in other ways than building. My professor Reidar Conradi used to say “the industry is our lab”. I say “the world is our lab”. We do not need to build in order to study, change, experiment. However I respect democracy and I respect and admire Monica R. and the rest of the NTNU leadership. So let us do the best out of the decisions that have been taken and let us struggle for our ideas.

.ps I do not want cars in Hesthagen and I want Elgeseter gaten under the ground. Is this so difficult? In Torino we have had streets under ground for decades, and in Tromsø as well.


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