toward a #PhD @NTNU some #hints #rolemodels #polito

First, remember that if I made it, you can make it. I went to Catholic kindergarden and the role models were the nuns and the Saints. I did not have very good marks, I would never have entered Computer Science at NTNU with the marks I had in high school (50/60). But I get very good marks at the admission exam at Politecnico di Torino because I was motivated to enter that PhD program. And I met some good role models on my way.

  • presentation for the PhD-party today
  • info about PHD and integrated PhD at IE Faculty
  • info about open positions at IDI
  • info about a my activities:
    • project that will soon open a position about research in security & children
    • example of theses and themes I currently supervise and I have supervisedphd-day.jpg

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