#metoo but never @NTNU

thanks for starting this #metoo. It took me a couple of days to answer because, if I do not have anything positive to say, I want to shut down at my age and experience. Young people should always speak, we should speak if we have a hope message to give.
The most painful #metoo I wrote in my book (Norwegian here).

Since 1997, when I started to work here, never happened. Students and colleagues, young and old, always respectful. #Thanks

From the Norwegian translation of the book

men mens jeg satt der ved pulten min, kom
det inn en 50 år gammel professor og prøvde å kysse meg. Jeg
klarte å komme meg vekk, men han hvisket til meg at han kom
til å ødelegge min karriere. Jeg gikk hjem umiddelbart.

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