#Lascuolacattolica #Ila #Luteranchurch #weddings

I am reading an Italian book titled “La Scuola Cattolica”. More than 1000 pages, I have only read 10%, it is an important book. But. There is a 1000 pages but. I get  depressed by the past, by contractions and brutality. It is somehow like Ferrante, but very masculine in the bad sense and I feel I have understood very little of the time I had lived in (70, 80, etc.). Today I read that the Norwegian Church will allow homosexual weddings in the Church from 1.2.17, beautiful picture with Lars, the priest here at Ila. #Allyouneedislove (sing like in #stranamore for those who remember). Che faccio vado avanti con la Scuola Cattolica?likekjonnet-vielse


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