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When the best men care about gender equality … the problem becomes a possibility

facts and reflections:

  • In 2016 NTNU has 24% female prNTNU has 24% female professors; 41% female associate professors; 38% post; doc 42% PhD students.
  • In 2016 IME has 12% female professors; 15% female associate professors; 21% post; doc 23% PhD students.
  • why is gender balance a problem and for whom? (Cite Gunilla Rosenqvist)
    • Here we should be able to charatecterize the relation between gender balance (X) and quality and education (Y) and/or research (Z). Are we able to say that a positive increase in X gives a positive increase in Y and/or Z? (cite me)
  • shift from problem to possibility – instead of focusing on the low numbers and the problems with unbalance, lift up positive stories about advantanges of gender balance in academia
  • not only gender balance but also general balance (mangfold) for nationality, culture, gender

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