Facts and questions about #prostitution and #familyday #Roma #Rome #Italia

fact 1 – One million persons were expected at family day to protest against homosexual unions yesterday 30/1.

fact 2 – According to this blog there are 120.000 women who are exploited by prostitution business in Italy.  Of these 37% are in an age range of 13 – 17 years old.

fact 3 – Prostitute clients are 2.5 millions according to redattore sociale and 9 millions according to panorama.

Question 1 – Should family mean love and not judgement of other people and prostitution?

Question 2 – Since judgement comes from ignorance, what can Italy do to fight ignorance?

One thought on “Facts and questions about #prostitution and #familyday #Roma #Rome #Italia”

  1. Temo che il governo democristiano che abbiamo in Italia concederà qualcosa (ad esempio sulla step-child adoption) ai 300.000 democristiani che hanno sfilato ieri (tra i quali c’erano membri del governo stesso ” a titolo personale”).


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